Monday, May 11, 2015

God cares about generations yet to come

He established a testimony in Jacob
and appointed a law in Israel,
which he commanded our fathers
to teach to their children,
  that the next generation might know them,
the children yet unborn,
and arise and tell them to their children,
 so that they should set their hope in God
and not forget the works of God,
but keep his commandments Psalm 78:5-7

A few days ago I sat down and read Psalm 78. It took about 2 minutes before it became my favorite Psalm. It's just that good. It's a description of God's relationship with His people over the course of the Old Testament. It shows their faults and His faithfulness. It reveals without any question His care and concern and passion for the generations, His care for His people- those here now, those who walked before us and those who are yet to come.

This particular passage above, verses 5-7, really struck me. As I read those few lines of scripture, I recognized something right away: God is explaining to us how much he cares for the generations. Why did he establish a testimony with Jacob? Why did He appoint a law in Israel? Why did he command the fathers to teacher their children? Why do these things? Why?

For the sake of the next generation! In verse 6 the Psalmist answers clearly, "That the next generation might know." He is speaking here of those who are yet to come. Those yet born. Those unborn. As it says in verse 6, "the children yet unborn." He has done all of these things for their sake, that they might know Him and obey Him and glorify Him and set their hope in Him.

Now, one a subtle point that is made in these verses that we cannot overlook is that a generation is made up individual people. It begins with the child unborn. He grows into a child who is taught by his father. And then he, himself, becomes a father. That is the progression presented in this passage and it is also what we observe and experience in real life.


So in light of this piece of scripture and in light of the knowledge of God's concern for future generations and in light of the fact that a generation is made up of individual people, we must consider something we may not want to consider: abortion. How does abortion affect the generations?

Obviously there is great debate over the morality of abortion between Christians and non-Christians, but sadly there is debate within the church as well. I want to suggest another reason why God abhors abortion:

Let's assume for argument's sake (only momentarily of course) that abortion is acceptable.

It's acceptable for one woman to abort her unborn child.

It then would be acceptable for 10 women to abort their unborn children.

It then would be acceptable for thousands and millions of women to abort their unborn children.

It then would be acceptable for every single woman who becomes pregnant to abort her child.

What would this leave us with? No new children born. Not one. 

Which ultimately means no new generations. No "next generation" as verse 6 says.

If abortion is acceptable for one, it must be acceptable for all. But if it is not acceptable for all, it is not acceptable for even one. And for that reason, along with a myriad of others, abortion is unacceptable. 

Because even one single abortion dismantles an entire generation. 

One single abortion renders an entire generation incomplete. 

What I find almost as disheartening as a mother willing to take the life of her own child, is that Satan recognizes this about abortion and we are blind to it. He uses it to his advantage and we are oblivious. We are an incomplete generation! We are working for the glory of God and for the kingdom's sake but not at full capacity. We are lacking workers! We are lacking brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews and friends and daughters and sons. 

We are lacking children of God.

And that should break our hearts. We should care about that. We should mourn over that. We should work to change that sad and startling fact.

Because we are an incomplete generation. And God cares about the generations. He cares about our generation and He cares about the generations to come. He cares for the born and the unborn. Every single life is precious and valuable to Him. And every single life matters and has a place in his or her generation. 

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