Wednesday, July 16, 2014

things i don't do

2014-02-20 21.47.36
[I painted this for our entryway, inspired but this]

Last week I started reading Bittersweet. Have you read it? I'm really enjoying Shauna's writing style, especially the short chapters. I can pick up the book and get through 1 or 2 chapters in between picking up toys, putting food on the stove and wiping butts, so it's an all-around win.

I love one of the chapters "things i don't do" and so I started to make a similar list of my own- the things I don't do and the things I do. Because we all work to be the best wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, etc that we can be, but there are definitely things that just aren't worth the effort, right? And that's totally OKAY.

Also I think it's healthy to not do it all. And even better to write down the things that are worth doing and not doing. Um, plus it's sort of fun.

Things I Don't Do:
I don't sort the laundry (aside from diapers. those have to be washed separately). It's just not worth my time. I do all the wash in cold water, all together. White and colors and darks and delicates. They all get thrown into the same load. And I've never had an issue. There are just more important things that demand my time than dividing clothes into matching piles and then washing them. Once a laundry basket is full, it just gets dumped into the washing machine and done. I end up doing about a load a day this way and it works quite well.

Also, I don't buy clothes that need to be dry-cleaned. And I try not to buy clothes that need to be "line-dried." Just more effort and thought required than I'm willing to give it. It's easier to put everything into the washing machine and then everything into the dryer. Done and done.

I don't make our bed. Okay, I borrowed this one from Shauna, but I'm in total agreement with her that it's silly to make something that's just going to be undone that night. Plus I'm just that lazy. And no one is going to see it.

I don't have Facebook or Twitter on my phone. When I did, they just sucked up more time than I wanted to lend to them and so they will remain solely on the desktop computer.

I don't get pedicures (or manicures, because I bite my nails). Mostly because I also don't have the time or the money. But either way, don't be surprised if when you see me, there is no polish on my piggies.

I don't wear earrings. I pierced my own ears when I was 13. Okay, I didn't do it. My friend did. With a sewing needle, some ice and a potato. But you get the idea. Since that time, I've probably worn earrings a total of ten times. I'm not even sure the holes are still there.

I don't document my children's milestones. Horrible mommy alert! I started to with Isaac. I think I got 6 months in. With Eli I think I sat down a total of 2 times to try and make a list of when I thought he had started doing things. And with Stella, well, she's still not doing much of anything other than drink a whole lotta milk, puke some of it up, poop the rest of it out and sleep. And I'm totally okay with that!

I don't drink coffee. I just don't.

Things I Do:
I do make the time (almost) every single day to read scripture, journal through it, even if it's just a couple verses, and pray. I try to do this in the morning, before I get out of bed and face the big bad world- and by "big bad world" I mean two ornery, yet energetic boys who demand of me every moment of every day and a sweet but also demanding newborn. My relationship with the Lord is first and foremost and if I'm going to not only survive the day, but fulfill the purpose God has intended for me and glorify Him, I need to be filled with His Spirit and with His Truth.

I do make my husband lunch every day. My love language is totally "acts of kindness." There are a lot of things I do to serve and show Ben that I love him. But I also think it's important to speak to him in his own love language(s) and so I'm constantly working to show him love in those ways too. Aside from our own personal relationships with the Lord, the most important relationship within our family is our marriage. It's vital for our relationship as husband and wife to remain strong and for us to continue to grow even closer, for the benefit of our family as a whole.

I do cook dinner every night (okay, we do have those nights when I just don't feel like it or that I've designated as nights to "eat out" when I menu plan- yep, I do menu plan too, but for the most part we eat at home). And I don't just cook our dinners, I make our food. It's very important for us to eat real food, to avoid cans and boxes and GMOs, and to include fresh veggies and fruit- organic if we can afford it.

I do work to save babies and inform and encourage others about how and why they should do the same. If there is one single issue I believe to be the most important, political or not, it's life. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, I'm sure you are very aware of that. But here's the thing- I think it's important for everyone of us to determine what it is that we find to be worth fighting for, and then to actually do something about it. We should be involved in our communities, our churches, our cities, our states, our nation and even the world, working to make changes that we believe in and that glorify God.

I do see a lay midwife as my pregnancy care provider, and believe in natural home births. With Isaac, we desired a natural birth. With Eli, we attempted a home birth. And with Stella, we had a successful home birth. I believe very strongly that women were created by God to carry and birth children. Their bodies are not broken and they have all that they need to do it on their own. I also believe that we as women have such a unique opportunity to be discipled and strengthened by the Lord through labor and birth. (Of course I am grateful for the medical advances we have in this country and while there is definitely a time and place for medical intervention in labor, I think that intervention happens far more than it is actually needed and therefore robs women of the birth they should get to experience).

I do sew my own curtains, paint my own walls, know how to use a drill and a hammer, create art for our home, scrapbook our family memories, grow my own tomatoes, buy everything secondhand, budget, share a car with my husband and plan to home school.

I do believe in hand written correspondence. I tell ya, I used to be really good about sending a few cards a month to different friends around the country and even those who lived nearby. But over the last few years I have gotten just plain lazy. So here and now I'm deciding to be better about writing notes and putting them in the mail. I know everyone loves getting mail. And I know everyone can use a few words of encouragement from time to time. I think about and pray for my friends often. I'm sure they'd love to know that!

So what about you? What are some things you do and some things you don't do?