Monday, May 12, 2014

day in the life // 05.08.14

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quiet time alone in bed. Isaac hangs out with his dad before work
get dressed and head to the kitchen 
wake up this sleeping monster
prepare breakfast (bagel and cream cheese with fruit)
water all the plants and grass outside
outside playtime
back inside to clean up- unloading the dishwasher
tot school. Isaac is matching lower case and upper case letters
snack time and Daniel Tiger on TV while I check email
free play with beans
(we eat lunch somewhere in here but I didn't snap a photo)
while Eli naps I set up a craft for Isaac- Mother's Day Cards for grandmas
and then free play for Isaac before his quiet time/nap time
working on Project Life while the kids sleep
a quick snack and some reading before they wake up
dinner prep
dinner- fried egg and chipotle bacon sandwiches with an avocado/tomato/lime mayo on sourdough plus fruit salad
Eli's first hair cut. It was time, dontcha think?
after the boys went to bed I cleaned and relaxed on the couch with Ben (not pictured)
reading in bed before lights out

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