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living for THIS moment: what are you reading?

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You can read my January book report here.

Yes, this post is supposed to be a vlog. No, it's not.

It's been one of those weeks (and it's only Tuesday!). I got home Sunday afternoon from a wonderful weekend trip to San Diego for my birthday. Of course, I was more exhausted when I got home than I was when I left. Isn't that just how it is as moms?! I came home to a sick 3 year old and so yesterday was full of tending to him, laying with him, praying over him and still feeling exhausted. Also, because I'm a procrastinator I had planned to film my vlog yesterday and obviously that didn't happen!

So I'm here with just a regular 'ole blog post, which is totally okay!! You are more than welcome to link up with a blog post rather than a vlog!

With all that said, on to the prompt.

What are you reading? 
Currently I am reading 2 books: Grow Your Handmade Business by Kari Chapin and Montessori Today by Paula Polk Lillard. 

As I said in a previous post, I try to read between 1 and 3 books a month. Preferably more than 1, but sometimes life happens. I'm hoping to have both finished by the end of this week so I can move on to some new books for May. 

A little about the books? I read Craft Inc. earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful in regards to all the bookkeeping and accounting aspects of running your own business. Grow Your Handmade Business, so far, has been really encouraging as far as planning, dreaming, goal setting and all that fun stuff that has to do with business. I'm only half way through so I suppose we will get to all the boring paperwork type stuff. But either way, I'm really enjoying it and maybe, eventually I'll actually launch my business!

Montessori Today is really good. But it's like reading a textbook so I definitely have to be in the mood when I sit down to read it. I'm taking a ton of notes and I sort of wish it wasn't a library book so I could highlight all over it. I think I'll go ahead and buy my own copy at some point. It's definitely giving me a better idea of the theory behind the Montessori method, which is what we loosely base Isaac's pre-school lessons on.

Do you buy books or get them from library?

Both! Until recently I only bought books and very seldom checked out books from the library. But, since the boys are older now and we spend a lot of time at the library, I'm always putting books on hold to pick up when we go. That means I usually have a giant pile of library books to read at any given time. It's really nice that I can renew then 4 or 5 times! I also love buying books at the thrift store because 1. it's cheeeeeeap and 2. I never know what I'm going to find so it's fun to just search and see what's there.

Are you a real book fan or do you prefer an e-reader? Why?

Both. But I lean more toward real books. I'm a note taker and highlighter. I've said before that I read mostly non-fiction and so when I read, it's to glean information that I can use to better myself as a Christian, a mother, a wife, a homemaker, etc. or just for general knowledge and sometimes blog research. For those reasons, I prefer a real book in my hands that I can write all over and quickly flip through for reference.

But, I do buy plenty of books on Kindle. Generally I won't purchase a Kindle book unless it's seriously cheap, on sale or free. And I enjoy the convenience of being able to pull it up on my phone if I don't have a book with me and I have time to kill. 

Now it's your turn! We invite you to join us on this journey as we talk about what we're reading. Make a short video (vlog), under 5 minutes, or write a blog post. Then come back next week and link up with both blogs! (Linking on one blog will link to both). The link-up will be open for 2 weeks.

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