Thursday, April 3, 2014

house update: floors

When we bought this house, it had this orange-y laminate throughout. It was gross. It was horribly laid. It was ugly. It was not what we wanted. Before we even moved in, we tore it out of the 3 bedrooms and the living room and had carpet installed. I know a lot of people like wood throughout, but I can't handle it, especially in the desert. Dust city. All the time. It never looks clean. At least to me.

But for the entryway, kitchen and hallway, we knew we wanted to do either wood or laminate, possibly tile. Last week we finally decided to get serious and shop around. One night, we were looking at all the laminate (because let's be honest, we ain't never gonna afford hard wood), and I noticed some grey flooring they had. I had originally been thinking of something dark brown because we really like dark wood. But this caught my eye. I showed it to Ben, sort of jokingly, thinking it was a bit crazy that I was attracted to it. Later that night, once the kids were in bed, I decided to look at grey wood floors on Pinterest.

It took about 2 minutes before I was sold

Oh, and did I mention that the grey flooring we were looking at was on sale? A couple days later we checked a few other stores to see if they had anything similar for a better price. Nope. Nada. And by Saturday, Ben was back at the sore buying our new floors.

Last weekend he started the installation process. It took him an entire weekend to do just this much. He has never laid floors before so this is all brand new to him. But he is determined to 1. save the money and 2. learn anything and everything he can in the renovation process of this house. When the weekend was over, he joked that he would rather spend 18 more hours in the attic installing ceiling fans (which he taught himself to do weekend before last). And that once this floor is laid, he will never do it again. 

Last night he started laying planks in the kitchen. Maybe that room will be complete by the end of this weekend? And then on to the hallway, which should, hopefully, be a little bit easier.

But back to the floors. I absolutely love the color. I think it looks really great against our white walls. And another reason I chose this floor is because of how wide each panel is. It makes the space look wider and way classier. If there was any hesitation in me before, I am completely and absolutely sold on the grey now. These floors are dang beautiful. And Ben did an amazing job. 

2014-03-29 10.18.22 2014-03-29 10.18.44
2014-03-29 10.41.51
2014-03-29 16.53.51
2014-03-30 18.09.16 2014-03-30 19.06.41
Before and After:
And by finished, I don't mean entirely. We still need to reattach the baseboards and repaint them. But that's easy-peasy in comparison.

And while you're here, I thought I would go ahead and show the befores of the rest of the house so you're ready. Because, man, when these floors are done it's going to make a huge difference. I cannot wait!!

2014-03-29 10.37.562014-03-29 10.40.57 2014-03-29 10.18.06
I'm hoping to share the afters soon, so be sure to check back!

If you want to read more about the story of us buying this home you can do that here and here. And also see what this house looked like when we first bought it.

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