Thursday, April 24, 2014

a letter to my husband on our anniversary

April 24 2004
[photo on right, courtesy of Chelsea Robbins Photography]

dear Ben,

10 years ago today we said "I do." Ten. How is that even possible? Seriously though, I'm only turning 23 tomorrow right? ;)

Gosh, when I think back to who you were 10 years ago, to who I was 10 years ago, to who we were 10 years ago, I don't recognize those people. Those kids. Those blissfully ignorant, stupidly in love kids that we were. I mean, seriously? They let people that young get married?

There's no doubt about it, we knew what we wanted. We knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. We knew what the marriage covenant meant and we knew then, as we still know now, that it's worth honoring. And we were definitely ready.

But still, we were pretty young, dumb and in love.

And that's something that I love most about our marriage. We've practically grown up together. We've learned all the hard lessons together. We've figured out life (well at least parts of it) together. We've trusted God in the big stuff and the little stuff together. We've lost and we've gained together. We've grown together. 

And as I sit here, 28 years into my life, I can honestly say that I would not be who I am without having spent the past 10 years by your side.

It is an absolute joy to be your wife, to submit to your leadership and guidance daily, to run your home, to carry, give birth to, nurture and to raise your children, to cook your meals, to pray for you, to encourage you, to laugh with you, to love you, to honor you.

You should also know how much I appreciate and what an honor it is to know that you trust me with your home and with your children. My hope is that I can continue to do you good all the days of my life. I am blessed to be your helper. Thank you for trusting me and loving me and serving me and leading me and for sacrificing for me.

Because I know you do.

So before this gets too sappy, because let's be honest, we know that the hole in your chest where there should be a heart can't handle too much mush, I just want to say I love you. I hope that my life reflects that. I pray that the rest of my life that I will continue to show you, every single day, just how much I love you.

I thank God daily for the blessing He gave me 10 years ago, when you placed a ring on my finger and took me as your wife. You are my joy and it is an honor to be by your side.


ps- I may or may have not teared up while writing this. Stupid pregnancy hormones!!

pps- for anyone other than my husband reading this (um, hello? have you ever heard of privacy? ;) you can read our 9 year marriage timeline here. It's a doozy.

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  1. so sweet!!! You two were babies in that picture!!!