Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the story behind all the birthday hats

You may or may not have noticed that when there's a birthday in our house, there's always a birthday hat. I'm a little bit obsessed with birthday hats. But who can blame me? They're so much fun and I mean, we're taking the entire day to celebrate the life of a very important person. Why shouldn't they get to wear an awesome hat

the story behind the hats
For years I have been telling Ben that I want to wake up on my birthday and have a hat to wear. Something special that I can wear all day, even if we go into public. Because, it's just fun. I have no idea where the idea came from. It was just something I asked for every year.

For years I think he just kept ignoring my request. I mean, I was a 20-something, grown, married woman. That's just ridiculous right? Well, I kept on asking and then finally, one year, on my birthday, I woke up to find this beautiful hat waiting for me:
The man had gone to Hobby Lobby, all by himself. Bought all the supplies, all by himself. And made this awesome birthday hat. And I got to wear it! It was perfect.

It started a tradition. The next year for my birthday, instead of making my hat, he convinced my mom to make my hat, since we'd be going to her house for dinner and cake for my birthday.
Brittany's shower 051
For the kiddos I stick to crowns. They are super easy to make and so cute. For Eli's first birthday I just used puff paint to add some black and blue dots. Nothing fancy, but totally fun.
For Isaac's 3rd birthday, which was just a week ago, I did something similar. I added a bunch of paint dots all over it and then stamped the front with an "i" for Isaac. He thought it was silly at first but then he kept asking for it throughout the day. He tries to act all cool, but I know deep down he loves the fun of it. He actually still asks to wear it a week later. So I know I'm not the only one who enjoys it!
2014-01-25 07.50.24
And so, that's the story of the Bridges birthday hat tradition. Nothing fancy, but totally fun. And you better believe we'll keep this tradition going until the kids are grown.

For some other cute crown ideas, check out Elise's blog. She is totally my daily creative and get-your-butt-in-gear inspiration.

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  1. So, you'll need to make one for Ben come August!!