Tuesday, January 7, 2014

reflection on 2013's one little word and my pick for 2014

I began choosing #onelittleword each year in 2012. That year, it wasn't so much a word, as it was a phrase: be intentional, simplify (which is currently my most pinned pin on pinterest. must be a popular sentiment for the new year!). Last year I wasn't so intentional about my word choice. I don't think I even wrote a blog post about it. I mean, how unofficial is something if I didn't blog about it??

My word for last year was together.

I chose it at the beginning of the year, thinking it would be a good fit for 2013 and promptly forgot all about it. Seriously, like 2 days in I probably wouldn't even have been able to tell you what word I chose. It was that unintentional.

But the funny thing is, together ended up being the perfect word for 2013.

The last week of 2012 our family of four was finally able to stand on our own feet again and move into our own place. It was small and sort of in the ghetto and it was a rental, but we finally had our own space after sharing a very small space at my parents' house for the previous 6 months. It was a wonderful feeling.

For the first time in a while, we were out on our own and we were together. But this time we had a new addition: Eli, who was born while we were living with my parents'. Really, 2013 was the year that we grew and did life as a family of 4. And while we didn't do anything together intentionally because that was the word I chose, we certainly did a lot of things together! Trips to the pool, birthday celebrations, hiking at Red Rock, buying our first home, beach camping for Thanksgiving, and Christmas morning in our own house.


For 2014, I am completely switching gears. This is a year that I have super high hopes for. While 2013 was just sort of a year to get through, I want 2014 to be a year that I make happen. And I have some big plans. But I'm also totally relying on God to guide me to His plans.

This year, my word is moxie.

2014-01-02 10.31.52

Ben and I decided that moxie was a girly way of saying aggressive. And I think it fits quite well. As I mentioned in my post on my 5 BIG goals for 2014, one area that I've been really focused on lately and will continue to be focused on this year is how to combine my passion for and the position that God has given me within the pro-life community with the position I have as a blogger and my passion for creativity and crafting. And I want it to be something tangible, something more than writing a blog post here and there.

If that's going to happen, I'm going to have to have moxie. I'm going to have to make things happen. I'm going to have to do some hard work in order to see the fruit of all the ideas and dreams and plans I have swirling around in my mind right now. And that is exciting to me.

But none of it is going to happen if I don't take action. 2014 is not a year for me to sit back and wait for things to happen. It's not a year where I prayerfully reflect on what should and shouldn't be done (although there will be plenty of that!). 2014 is a year where I take the vision that God has already given me as a result of the prayers and petitions I've laid before Him and I put it into action. .

2014 is the year for boldness, fearlessness, guts, spunk, tenacity, bravery, determination. But most of all, this is the year for moxie.

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