Tuesday, January 28, 2014

living for this moment: state of the home VLOG

First of all, thank you to everyone who is joining us for this first Living for This Moment link-up. We are beyond excited about this project and that you're joining us. My prayer is that the Lord will use this link-up and some other fun things we hope to announce soon, to create an online community where wives, mothers, homemakers can come together and be totally honest with each other and encourage and build each other up.

This month we're talking about the current state of our homes, the things we are confident about and the things that we could use some help changing. And of course, we're talking about our 2014 goals!


You can read more about my 2014 BIG goals here.

Now its your turn! Create a short video (under 5 minutes) or write a blog post following this month's prompt and link up using the widget below. You only need to enter your post once to be linked up on both blogs!! Please take a few minutes to visit the other ladies who linked up and leave comments on each vlog you watch. The link-up will be open for 2 weeks, so if you don't have a vlog to link-up today, you still have plenty of time to join us! I can't wait to watch all of your vlogs!

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  1. So funny that we said almost the exact same thing! For a while I had a weekly cleaning schedule with a small task every day (M-F, I try to not have to do chores on the weekend). It really helped to stay on top of the routine cleaning. I should start up that checklist again. Lately we've had to clean the bathroom almost daily and not much else gets done. I take one day a month to do big stuff. I'd like to get that spaced out more, but doesn't happen.

  2. I have a weekly/monthly cleaning schedule hanging on my refrig. I'll share it with you.

  3. i like your ideas, I am so curious about your meal planing! I don't come from a background of planning out meals farther out than a week. I have always felt very over whelmed thinking about how to get started and how to make changes to plan better in our kitchen. A typical week for our family involves 3 or more trips into the grocery store, and while the grocery is only 3 miles from our house, I don't enjoy going back in multiple times a week to get what we need for a day or twos worth of meals and it's definitely budget draining.

    1. Hi Missy! Here are a couple posts where I address the why's and how's of meal planning in our home. They may give you some ideas or encouragement to get better at it!


      Thanks for stopping by and reading!