Tuesday, January 21, 2014

living for this moment: a brand new project

Today I'm really excited to share something that my friend and fellow blogger, Becky, and I have been discussing over the past couple of weeks. You know I'm big on goals and I get pretty pumped at the beginning of a new year because it means a clean slate. My first BIG goal for the year was to menu plan 3 months at a time. But other than that, I didn't set any goals specific to home management, the state of my home, how I can make it better and more efficient. I did, however, start writing out my action plan for working toward all of my BIG goals and a lot of the steps I would like to take had to do with just that. As I began to write my plan, I found myself thinking back on how I've been doing as a wife and mother over the past year. 

And that is why when Becky asked me to join her for Living For This Moment, especially when we started discussing the first prompt, I didn't even hesitate. Her and I are both stay at home moms who have multiple children and have been married for a while. Because of that, we have each spent several years figuring out what works really well in our homes and and what doesn't. But we also have areas where we struggle and are in need of wisdom, as we all are! 

Next Tuesday, January 28, we are launching a monthly vlog link up to explore the issues of today that help us or prevent us from embracing THIS moment. We invite you to link up on this journey with us as we start with the topic “The State of The Home”.  Make a short video, 3 minutes or less or write a blog post. Then come back next week and link up with both blogs! Below is the prompt.

Living For This Moment - State of the Home:

What part of homemaking do you feel you are good at?

What part of homemaking do you struggle with?

Did you set any goals for 2014? Are you keeping them? Modifying them?

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Living For This Moment Linkup

PS- We have some other exciting things planned for this project along with the vlog linkup so be sure to stay tuned for those announcements!

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