Friday, January 3, 2014

big goals for 2014

Review of how well I did with 2013 BIG goals here.

I used to post monthly goals. And I found that I rarely accomplished them. I decided to start setting just 4 super, giant, scary goals every year and working toward them over the course of 12 months. Surprisingly that works better for me. I hang my goals on the refrigerator so I see them multiple times a day. I think about them, pray about them, work toward achieving them.

This year I tried really hard to narrow everything down to 4 goals. But instead I settled for 5. There's not one that I can eliminate or put off. And at the same time, I don't feel like I've over-done it either. All 5 are big but all 5 are doable.

2014-01-02 14.34.24

*develop a 3-month menu plan to rotate throughout the year Currently I menu plan every 2 weeks, and as I've mentioned before, we basically eat the same sort of things every 2 weeks. And that's totally okay with us. So, instead of re-planning every 2 weeks I think it would make much more sense to write out multiple month menus and rotate them. By this I mean I would have 3 months of meals with a corresponding grocery list pre-determined. We would use that plan for January, February and March. Then in April, I would use the same plan over again and we'd eat it April, May, June. It would be rotated 4 times in the year. And boom, no more bi-weekly planning. No more new grocery list-writing each time. It will all be done. No-brainer. No planning required and it will free up my time for other things that I would rather be doing anyway!

*give (along with our tithe) outside of the church We've always been very serious about tithing. This past year has been a bit pathetic on our part and I would blame it on the fact that we've spent too long church hunting and haven't had one single place to give. But that's a whole other issue I don't really want to get into. And really it's no excuse. But in the mean time, we have gotten a lot better about giving to other areas outside of the church like specific ministries that we care about, overseas missions in countries we have a heart for or to specific individuals or families where we see a need. This year, while we'll be planting our butts firmly in a church, making it our home and faithfully tithing there, we are also going to make a serious effort to give to other places and people that we care for and want to see helped and encouraged.

*integrate my prolife work and passion with my love of blogging and crafting in a very tangible way This one is a little more difficult to explain but I'll give it my best effort. I have been praying and dreaming and thinking about how I could somehow unite the position that God has given me at Nevadans for Life and in the prolife community in general, with the position that God has given me online and the passion He's given me for crafting, handmade, and creating. Those are the 2 areas of my life that I can firmly say are where my purpose lies. But what does that look like? I'm not totally sure. But I've been asking that question a lot.

And the answer is: it looks like a whole lot more than just blogging about abortion and the sanctity of human life. I mean, I will keep doing that. I will never stop pounding that drum. But I know that He has a bigger plan than that. What it is exactly? I can't say for sure at this very moment. Although I do have a pretty good idea, I'm not ready to announce it just yet. Instead I want to spend the next couple months researching, planning and most of all, begging God to direct my steps and guide each and every one of them in this endeavor.

*meditate and journal on scripture daily I am really bad about writing down and reviewing what God is revealing to me through His word. I love to read scripture. But I usually forget to grab a pen and paper and write down exactly what the Spirit is telling me. And then if I do, I can honestly say that about 98% of the time, I don't go back to meditate over it and really let it sink in. How horrible is that? It's bad. I know. So this year, my goal is to do just that. Read it, write it, journal it, meditate over it, let it take root and live it out.

*greatly cut down on social media and online time It always sounds sort of funny when a blogger says they want to spend less time online, but I think the most successful bloggers spend very little time online. We all know it's a drain on our time and our creativity. We all know the more we're online, the more we're comparing ourselves to others, clicking through a thousand things we want but can't have, idolizing and coveting. And that's just bad. It's pretty pathetic how one little click onto Facebook, which should take all of 37 seconds, can easily turn into 20, 30 minutes. I'm not the only one, right?

Well that's going to stop. I have a new daily schedule for myself that severely cuts back on social media time and online time. Instead of telling myself I'm getting creative ideas from Pinterest, I'm doing to actually go create.

Okay, so what are your goals for 2014? I'm ready to get started, what about you?


  1. I definitely agree with cutting down on social media time. I find that the time I spend online is time away from strengthening my relationship with God, my family and things that bring me joy. I've been thinking about ways to maximize my blog without compromising the things that are important to me.

    Great goals, Jessi!

  2. Okay, so I tried leaving a comment, which was long and so profound (ha!), but Blogger didn't like it, so here we go with Take 2: out of necessity of life being over full and draining, I scaled way back from social media in Oct/Nov. At first I was sad and felt guilty about this, fearing that I was missing out on so much excitement... but really what happened is that I did more offline life with the hubs, friends, community, etc., and I think God really likes that kind of stuff :) I've since let go of the guilt and feeling left out, and I'm grateful that I am discovering more balance. I think paring down is very honorable and will be very fruitful for you, friend!

    xoxo J

  3. I can't wait to see how your menu plan works out! I could never stick to anything like that - I'm constantly trying new things. But I like the idea and think it would work for lots of families.

    Through God's grace, my prayer & Scripture reading life has improved a little bit throughout the past few months. I know it's only through Him that I can even approach Him, so I'll continue to pray for growth this year as well.