Wednesday, October 23, 2013

this camera tells my story. I'm still here!

2013-08-06 07.53.02-1

Some of you are probably wondering where in the heck I've been. I didn't go anywhere! Seriously. A few months back I decided to finally take a chance and do something I'd been considering for a long time. I changed the name and URL of my blog.

But, in the process I got disconnected from you, my followers! I assumed that because Blogger showed you all had made the trek with me over to this jessi bridges, that you were, in fact, still following. But that was not the case! Last week I realized this. Uh, hello? Slow much? And quickly learned how to correct it.

So, welcome back! I've missed you all so much!

In case you have missed the past few months around here, I'd like to share a few posts from the summer and a series that I'm currently writing.

my #31days series: 
how to live within your means

a few posts to check out:
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my salvation story
we bought a house

Oh! And I went to Influence Conference:
my recap
recap in photos

Also, if you don't already, you can follow me via blog lovin' or by email too!

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  1. I did wonder actually! I'm glad I found you again... or you found me.... or we found each other!