Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a house tour (the before photos)

There's not a whole lot to say. I'll let the photos do all the talking. This place is a mess. Every single room needs to be gutted and redone. Although we won't be doing that entirely. But we do have some big giant plans for this place. I will tell you that as of now we have painted all the rooms and put in new carpet. We're also in the process of putting all new (to me) appliances in the kitchen. And on top of semi-renovating, we're moving everything into the house too. I'm exhausted. Ben is more than exhausted. Even the kids are down-right worn out. And there is still so much left to do.

I'm hoping to keep the blog updated as we make progress. I'm not the best at remembering to snap photos as we're going (my mom took all of these), but I will make every effort to do so!

IMG_5458 This is looking at the front door if you're standing in the middle of the living room. There's a coat closet directly across from the front door, obviously not pictured. IMG_5457 From the last picture, if you turn to the right, this is the wall you would see. And actually, this is after it had been painted. Before, it was a nasty off-white, yellow-y stained color. So gross. To the left of this photo and directly behind it are just big giant walls. IMG_5447IMG_5448
Obviously the kitchen. When we looked at the house, that window was busted out and had been boarded up. Before we bought the house it was a rental and apparently the tenant had broken the window and not told the landlord. The day we saw it was the day she found out it was like that. Lovely right? We had it repaired a couple days before we got the house since it was a short sale and she had exactly $0 to pay for anything. I never knew how expensive windows are to replace. Oh, and that awesome make-shift "curtain." Awesome, right?
From the kitchen, this is heading down the hallway to the bedrooms. On the left is the guest bathroom. On the right are the tow smaller bedrooms. Directly ahead is the master. Can we just talk about these floors for a minute? They are disgusting. And cheap. And horribly installed (laminate). And they are throughout the entire house. What are people thinking? Not to mention, they laid them left to right instead of long ways. Does that make sense? So they had to make a million cuts to put them in instead of just laying them straight down the hall. Just not very smart to me.

We will be replacing it with something. We put carpet in the living room and the 3 bedrooms. The rest of the house will be either a better laminate (that sort of hurts to say because I just hate it so much, but we can't afford hard wood), bamboo or maybe tile.
IMG_5451 The boys' bedroom. You can't see it in the photos, but the fan installation by the previous occupants is amazing. And I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. Instead of wiring through the ceiling, they hung the fans and ran a chord down the wall to plug them in. Every bedroom is like that. I'm pretty sure that's totally against code. Definitely on the list to remedy. That and replace the ceiling fans. IMG_5452
My beautiful laundry area. It sits off of the hallways. When we first looked at the house we noticed the doors had been taken off. Later on we discovered them in the garage. And they are in pretty good condition. Why would you take the doors off? Who wants to looks at a washer and dryer every time they walk down the hallway? IMG_5454 The master bathroom. We have basically blocked this room off. I joked about putting up crime scene tape. Seriously. It's a scary place. That gray toilet? The shower pan is Ga.Ross. I mean, yuck. Isn't that the weirdest shower you've ever seen? There are 2 doors that slide and meet in the corner. Um, what? And the hair floating around from whoever lived here before. I think I might puke just typing this. Anyway. I have big plans for that bathroom. But it's definitely going to have to be gutted. And it's going to have to be it's own project. Eventually.

Okay, I don't have any photos of the master bedroom. It's basically a small square room. Big enough for our queen bed, side tables and maybe a small piece of furniture. I'm planning to put a dresser in the closet because it's basically huge. But as for the bedroom, nothing special. Except for the deadbolt on the door. And the giant patched up hole next to the deadbolt. It's um, weird? Scary? I don't know what. But that door is getting replaced like, yesterday. Lowe's has doors on sale for $22 this week so you can guess what's on our list for this weekend.
IMG_5456 This is looking from the master back toward the rest of the house. On the right is the kitchen, on the left is the living room. Dream: bust out a portion of the wall separating the two rooms so I can see what's going on when I'm in the kitchen cooking. Mostly so I can keep an eye on my tiny tykes.

 Now for the backyard tour. AKA, my favorite part! IMG_5464
So the "back" door is actually on the side of the house, off of the kitchen. This is if you step outside and look down the side of the house. IMG_5462
If you turn around, this is what you see. I'm thinking chicken coup in that corner behind the palm tree (which is on our list to be removed. I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of palm trees, or scorpions). IMG_5460 Turn to the left and this is the back patio. I love that there's an overhang. As ganky as it is, it works. Yay! Oh, and that giant palm, in the middle of the yard (what? weirdest idea ever), is also going. And do you see that giant pile of fire wood to the right of the shed? Score. We have a wood burning fire place! And yes, that is a shopping cart.IMG_5463 Turn to the left a little more and this is what you see. The first window is the kitchen. The second one is the living room. Dream: replace the living room window with french doors that open onto the patio and extend the living space to the outside. And as in every other photos, trash and more trash everywhere. They left so.much.junk. So much.

That's basically it. The garage is one car. It's on the side of the house along the living room. There isn't access from the house. Just a door in the backyard. I feel like it was an add-on but then again, this house is kinda old so it may have just been built weird. To the side of the garage is the side yard. It's big enough for RV parking. We may pave it and add a gate so my parents can park their pop-up trailer there.


  1. Sooo exciting and so much potential!
    I am excited to watch the progress!

  2. The result is going to be beautiful! ^^

  3. Can't wait to see what you guys do with this place! So excited for you!

  4. how fun! what a great space to work with, i just love remodeling (well, not all of it, but the inspirational parts!) good luck!

  5. Oh my what a project, but totally see all the awesome potential! Excited for the afters!

  6. Just the beginning of greatness! I can see the potential. You're going to transform it into something amazing.

  7. aren't short sales just a blast?! we just bought and moved into one at the end of last year. the list of need to fix/update/replace/etc. seems to get bigger every week.