Thursday, September 5, 2013

that time my husband was in an accident


This is our only car. We have been a one care family for quite a while. We depend on this car. And although it's Blue Book value is very low, it's value to us is immeasurable.

So you can understand why, after my husband told me he had been in a car accident, and that the car wouldn't even start, and that the transmission was busted open and fluid was spilling out all over the ground, that I was more than concerned about what we were going to do.

But let me back up a little bit.

It was a Saturday afternoon. We had just finished watching a movie and my husband, being the amazing husband that he is, could sense that I needed just a moment of time alone without the kids. He decided to take them both down the street to Home Depot for some good, quality, father-son, guy time. And he was right, it was just what I needed. I picked up the living room and got dinner started. No sooner had I sat down to relax that the phone rang. It was Ben. And he said, in his most comedic, sarcastic voice so as not to alarm me, "So... we just got into a fun car accident."

I assumed by his tone that everyone was safe. They were, thank goodness. Everyone was fine. No one was injured. The boys didn't even know what had happened. Only that, "Someone broke my car" (Isaac's description). But very quickly the reality of dealing with a car accident hit me. He needed someone to come pick up the kids. Not a single family member (and we have a lot of them in this town) was answering their phones. We needed the car towed and when I called the insurance company they wanted me to file the claim first. Um, hello, I wasn't there and I just need the car towed! We would be without a car until ours could be fixed. Where would we get a car? And the biggie, this thing might be totaled.


That word had me the most anxious.

Everyone was like, "Hey, if it's totaled you get a new car!! Yay!" Okay, it's not that simple people. If the car is totaled, they write us a check for what the car is worth.

Our car is worth, well, pretty darn close to nothing.

I wonder what kind of new car we can get for nothing? Oh yeah, not one. And while we have money in savings for emergencies, the last thing I wanted to think about was spending more money for a new car that we hadn't planned on buying. I'm sure you can imagine why.

Over the course of the next few days, everything unfolded pretty slowly. Thankfully Ben's cousin called me back that evening and was able to bring the kids home. That was about the same time that Ben's brother got home and brought Ben home after filing the police report. The car ended up getting towed by the police department and taken to wherever they take broken cars.

Monday morning our insurance company picked up the car and took it to the body shop, where it sat for another couple of days. In the mean time we had several offers from family members to borrow their cars. (Oh, did I mention that Ben decided to buy a scooter the week prior? That was a blessing in disguise.) Tuesday I went over to review the car before they assessed it and to sign the paperwork. He told me he'd try to get to it the next day but he had 4 cars ahead of me. Sheesh.

So I think it was this past Thursday that Ben got the phone call with the news. I had been praying that it wouldn't be totaled. But also that God would see to it that all would be taken care of, His way, not mine. Because, I don't know about you, but in our lives God has a way of continuously showing up, declaring His sovereignty and always showing us that He's got it taken care of. There is no need to worry.

Anyways, back to the phone call. They told Ben the amount of the damage (which is a lot) but that it didn't get close to the 60% value of the car it would need to be in order to total it. Instead, it would be repaired, paid for completely by the other driver's insurance (his fault) but that it could be up to 18+ days.


Yeah, we're without a car for 3 weeks or more. Yeah, we have to go through the hassle of playing musical cars in the mean time (our neighbor saw us pull up in my sister-in-law's car the other day and said, "Do you guys have a used car lot or something that you go and swap cars every few days?" Um, kinda. Haha). But you know what? We're getting so many repairs done and new parts put in that we never could have afforded and were probably getting close to needing replacement (like the transmission). And that is an incredible blessing in the midst of all this.

It's funny, as I write this it doesn't sound like a big deal. It's actually showing me how not a big deal the whole thing really is. And yet, in the midst of it, it felt like a big deal. It's kinda dumb how worried we get and how worked up we get about things that are totally out of our control, over things that aren't that important. But if we trust God, that He is going to take care of us, that He's in control no matter what, all of a sudden, things like this are just a small bump in the road. Nothing to fret over or worry for. Just another way for God to reveal His faithfulness to us in the every day.

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life? Matthew 6:26,7


  1. What a good ending to the story! I can only imagine how scary and overwhelming that might have been in the moment--but it's wonderful that now you have peace and the car situation is being settled well!

  2. so glad that everyone is safe and that the car wasn't totaled and yes that is deff awesome that you hubby thought to buy a scooter the week before the accident.

    Have a blessed Saturday!!
    I am visiting from Casey Wiegand's link up.


  3. I love this. I love the way God works these things out!

  4. Hi Jessi,
    I have felt the same whenever I've gone overseas and have been really overwhelmed with worry. I've found the issue never took God by surprise, and that I should have just trusted Him to provide with the money or protection. Thanks for sharing your story of the beloved and relied-upon car. Pete