Monday, September 9, 2013

influence conference, here I come!

[that's me, and the two little people who follow me around all day]

Today I'm linking up with all the ladies attending the Influence Conference in a couple weeks. What?!? You read that right, Can you believe it? Me neither.

Believe me, I thought it had been ruled that the conference was out. Staying home was in. No questions.

I had prayed about it. I had discussed it with my husband. I had tried to figure out how to fit it into our budget. I had thought long and hard about getting sponsored. I researched it all and prayed about it all.

And it all ended with the same answer. Doors were shutting left and right. I thought it was a done deal.

And then one day I was offered a hotel room.

I had to regretfully decline, because I couldn't afford a ticket to go.

And then one day I was offered a ticket to go.

I looked over the budget again, prayed some more, talked with my husband some more, worked on lining up someone to watch the kids (thanks mom!). If I could squeeze out the money I needed to buy a plane ticket, it could work. I'd have to eat very cheap dinners and take the bus to and from the airport, and certainly no splurging on snacks or souvenirs (and I was totally okay with all of that).

And then I was given some extra money to splurge on dinners and snacks and Starbucks (her words).


I just need to take a minute to tell you all how amazing this online community is. That, seriously, these women are the church. They are the hands and feet of Jesus. You ladies are And I love you to pieces. Bits and pieces. I cannot wait to spend 3 days in community with you (in real life!!). All of you!

Okay, now on to the link up, shall we?

What are 2 things you will be sure to have packed in your bag?
1. Journal/notebook. I am a hands on, pen to paper note taker
2. Snacks. Probably goldfish. I am a snacker Come find me if you get hungry ;)

What 2 things are you looking forward to about the conference?
1. I actually already mentioned the first one. That is, spending time in real life, in person, face to face community and fellowship with some amazing women of God that I met online and love. And getting to do that with new women that I will meet there (including my roomies).

2. A chance to have my soul refreshed by the Creator God. Spending day in and day out with 2 little people gets a bit exhausting and mundane. Believe me, I love it. I would never want to do anything else. But sometimes, you need a little break. And I am so ready for it.

Will I see you there??


  1. Jessiiiii! I am so excited you're going to be at Influence. And I love how the Lord worked out all the details for you to come!

    I am also a snacker, so I may come sneak some of your goldfish! ;]

  2. How exciting! I am looking forward to meeting you. I will keep my eye out for you so I can snag a goldfish or two! This community is absolutely amazing. I get all the financial issues- it is a challenge. My mom-in-law lives in Indy so I am staying with her. It will be late nights and early mornings to be sure, but it will be so worth it. See you there, Amy

  3. How exciting that bit by bit all the pieces came together so that you are able to go!!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  4. This story is truly wonderful that you not only get to come but also don't have to worry about finances. :) And I'm an all day snacker too...maybe we can join forces. ;) Excited to hopefully meet you!

  5. That's so wonderful, Jessi!!! I'm so glad you're coming! I was just about to rule it out, too, when some really sweet people rallied around me and helped make it happen. It kinda blows your mind, doesn't it?

    I hope I get a chance to meet you, for reals. :)

  6. I love reading these stories of how God provided! So wonderful. are you so skinny and eat snack on goldfish all day?!!!

  7. I LOVE amazing stories of God providing for women to come to this conference!! I pray that you will come away with every morsel that God intends for you sweet girl!

  8. Love how God provided for you to come!! And I'm a snacker too :) Hope to meet you soon!

  9. Yes.. I found you on twitter via Ruthie Hart the other night. Love this post, your heart and you already! Its so amazing to hear everyones stories of just how things came together for them to be able to go to this conference. Lots of awesome husbands, grandmas, and friends :) GOD is GOOD.
    I too will be toting lots of snacks!

    @tjane_mackey : twitter
    @tjane_mackey: instagram

  10. You better believe i will hunt you down for snacks! Can't wait to meet you!!!

  11. Jessi, what a wonderful, beautiful testimony to God's gifts and provisions! I'm so glad you're going to be able to come, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  12. Wow, your story is way cool! So, so glad you get to come!! :)

  13. Wow God really did work everything out for you to go! Even starbucks! ;) I am so thrilled that you are going Jessi! Your passion is unparalleled and Im excited to spend some time face to face to experience it in real life!

  14. Amazing how you're getting to the Conference! Things have lined up for me to go just in the last couple weeks. Just starting to look forward to it & plan for ACTUALLY BEING THERE.

  15. Love your story of how it all came together-God is good!

  16. wow! how absolutely wonderful! God bless!

  17. so lovely!!