Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY door mat

2013-09-08 13.59.09

This probably isn't the most exciting DIY post you've ever read. I'm sure several other people have posted this same or a similar idea. But, I still want to share because it turned out so well and it was so cheap!

The idea was inspired by this welcome mat from West Elm. It costs $30 and we all know I'm not about to spend that kind of money. On anything. Ever.

But I'm a fan of stencils. I stenciled Isaac's dresser. And I love spray paint. Best invention ever. So I decided I would just make an anchor stencil and spray paint it onto a plain doormat. Simple, right? So simple.

My husband, at first, was like, "what's with all the nautical stuff in our house?" Isaac's room is nautical themed and some of the things from his room have made their way into the bathroom and our living room. That's just how I redecorate: move stuff around instead of buying new stuff. But I explained that I didn't choose the anchor because it's nautical. I chose the anchor because of what it symbolizes. That our home is where we are anchored as a family. He liked that idea. Plus he's a "soldier of the sea" (a former Marine). So it kind of fits. Pretty well actually.

I found the door mat at Ikea (um, what isn't Ikea good for??)

I borrowed a can of spray paint from my brother-in-law's garage.

I free-handed an anchor (just googled "anchor" and searched the images until I found one I liked. I chose this one). Then I cut it out.

I placed it where I wanted it on the door mat and then secured it with some push pins (Ben's idea. And a good one).

Then I sprayed.

And voila!

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Total cost of this project: $4.99 + tax for the doormat. That's it! And honestly, I like it waaaaaaaay better than the West Elm one.

I realize everyone things I should have used navy blue. I get that, I do. But black is what we had on hand so black it is. I'm seriously so cheap I didn't want to go buy a brand new can of spray paint just to use on this project. Also, I realize some of my spray paint got away from me and onto the outside of the stencil. But I like that it's not perfect.


  1. Such a great idea! I love nautical things, and you're right door mats can be pricey...really rugs of any kind are always over priced. Thanks for sharing, I might have to try this out!