Tuesday, July 16, 2013

life lately

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Ben is taking summer school and working so he's busy most of the day. I've been taking the kids out in the evening to give him some peace and quiet to work on homework. But this week he finally discovered the library at school, so he'll be spending a lot more time there during this session.

As for the boys, they've been fighting sickness for what seems like the last month. Eli ended up with the measles, at least from what I can best determine based on symptoms. And then on top of that he woke up from his nap last week covered in hives. I'm almost certain it was from those freeze-dried yogurt bites I had given him with lunch. He is so sensitive! Isaac had a runny nose the whole time I was in Texas, I think due to allergies. And then, after a trip to the library last week he came down with hand-foot-mouth disease. That's wonderful. Poor thing was miserable for several days with a huge sore on his lip. But this week things seem to be clearing up. Eli's spots are almost gone and his fever has been gone a long while. Isaac is in much better spirits and I'm hoping we're all done being sick!

The week before I left for Texas, we made an offer on a house sight-unseen. That's just how ridiculous the market is in Vegas right now. We had completely forgotten about it because we had made several other offers that week and all were rejected. The day before I left we found out that our offer was accepted. I got home on Saturday and Monday morning we went to look at the house. It's a short sale, so we're just waiting now. And waiting, and waiting. We have no idea if it will work out. We have no idea if this it the neighborhood and the home that God has for us. But we can't wait to find out! Well, actually we can wait, because we have to.

Isaac has been driving me insane lately. We're definitely knee-deep in the terrible-twos. I just can't handle it. He is so stubborn and strong-willed. But I can't be surprised. The last week I've been using Montessori homeschool exercises with him and they've been working really well. The kid has a ton of energy and he's also very, very smart. I've found that getting him to focus that energy on an activity that is educational and a bit challenging really works well for him. With almost everything we've done he wants to do it over and over and over again. I'll definitely share some activities here on the blog in weeks to come.

My younger brother and his wife had their first baby last week! Yay! A little boy named Ethan. Her, my other sister-in-law and I have all had babies within the last year and they are all E names! Elijah, Elliana and Ethan. I love it!! Cousin E's. How sweet is that? It was not planned, I promise.

Elijah will be 8 months tomorrow. He isn't quite crawling yet but that doesn't stop him in the slightest. He just inch-worms himself all over the house. I'm starting to wonder if he's going to crawl at all or just start walking. He can pull to standing on his own and he can stand, leaning against something, for a long time. Not yet cruising. It's so interesting having two and comparing the milestones. By this point Isaac was crawling (6 months), pulling up (7 months) and cruising (8 months). I mean, the kid walked at 10 months. I'm really thankful that Eli slowed things down a bit!!

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a few notes on the photos: That smile on Eli, it's always there. The foam alphabet puzzle was in the Target $1 section and Isaac loves it. He is able to name 10 or so letters and can put all 26 letters in the right spots. That firetruck puzzle, he put that whole thing together all by himself. I did not help at all. And that's his "I'm awesome and proud of me" smile. He really says those things about himself after he accomplishes something. I love it (and encourage it ;)


  1. Oh, grace to you! I was in this place last year with my oldest going through the terrible twos and my husband working ALL the time. It's weird but although my littlest is two now he doesn't seem to be going through that monsterific faze. Maybe your happy little one won't either! It gets better, I promise. Then you find yourself thinking... "Hm.. this isn't so bad. Life is feeling happy and stable. Maybe we should have another one and shake things up again." HA.

    It's sweet that all the cousins have E names! :)

  2. That foam alphabet puzzle is amazing! I need to check and see if my Target has one.

    Also, do you have any sites you recommend for Montessori homeschool exercises?

  3. that's too bad your boys are sick, hopefully everything clears up soon in time for the weekend :)