Tuesday, June 11, 2013

summer plans

Las Vegas summers are rough. And, although I consider myself a California girl, I don't much like the summer. I think the reason I loved San Diego so much was because all of May, June and into July, the coast is covered with a marine layer. Hence the term "May Gray" and "June Gloom". The summer that I was pregnant with Isaac and Ben was deployed to Afghanistan was my favorite (aside from having my husband thousands of miles away, in a war zone). If I didn't leave our apartment, I didn't see the sun. It was like that for 3 months straight. It was perfect.

But alas, we aren't in cloudy sunny So Cal anymore. We live in the desert. And if there is one thing the desert is good at, it's getting real hot and hardly letting a cloud into the sky.

So in all honesty, I have a hard time getting through summer. I wake up every day wishing it was October. Maybe even November. I just want to walk outside and feel that crisp air and cool breeze. And in the mean time, when I walk outside, I'm struck in the face with hot wind. It's like a furnace blowing constantly.

This year, to help get me through the summer months, I finally decided to make a summer list. Not to mention, Isaac is now 2 1/2 and he can do so many more fun things than he could last year! It's up on the refrigerator where I will see it every day. We've already gotten started on it, considering it was 110 this past weekend. Boo. And I cannot wait to check more items off our list in the next few weeks.


Some items on the list are strictly for me and/or Ben, like spiking a watermelon, hanging curtains and going to a gun show (although we will take the kids). I wanted to focus on things for the kids and the family but still include "to-do's" without making it a goal/to-do list per-se. I think I accomplished that pretty well.

A few nights ago I took Isaac to McDonald's after dinner for ice cream. Just the 2 of us. Cheap ice cream date with my favorite 2 year old? Check!

What are your summer plans??


  1. Oooooo! I'm all about a list. You've inspired me. I now have a project.
    {I may steal an item or 2}

  2. I've seen these on Pinterest, but you might have just provided the boost of inspiration I needed to make one myself. Thanks, Jessi!

  3. I use to live in Texas, so I can sympathize with the uncomfortable heat!

    You've inspired/challenged me to start a list, but my summer so far has been mostly filled with hiking and going to the beach. :))

  4. Cute! Cheap ice cream dates are the best. Although, spiking a watermelon doesn't sound bad either ;)

    I'm so happy to be back in Austin this summer I made a whole summer to do list on Pinterest :) lots of food and nature!