Friday, May 31, 2013

a random post about what's going on in my life


Things around here have been pretty steady. There isn't any big news to report or anything major taking place. Just the same 'ole, same 'ole.

Last weekend we moved Eli into Isaac's room at night. I had to move his bedtime up by half an hour so it would match up with Isaac's (8pm). I thought I could also eliminate his 3rd nap during the day, because this is about the same time that I did that with Isaac, but he just isn't ready. That kid loves his sleep and can't go more than 2 hours in between a nap without becoming Mr. Cranky-pants. So, 3 naps it will stay! Really though, I'm okay with that.

How is it going with the 2 little roomies, you ask? Fabulous! Isaac enjoys having his brother in the room with him and Eli sleeps so solid that even during the nights when Isaac randomly wakes up, opens and slams his door, Eli sleeps right through it. And in the mornings, when Isaac gets up at 6:30, Eli will still sleep until at least 7. So things are working really well.


It's supposed to hit the 100's here this weekend and I am not at all looking forward to that. But, I can't complain too much because the entire month of May was in the 80's and 90's and that's almost unheard of for Vegas. Last night was the first night we closed the windows and turned the A/C on while we slept. I've been enjoying the fresh air at night, but it looks like we'll be saying farewell to that until at least October.

Over the weekend I went shopping and bought this momma some new skinny jeans. It's been probably 8 years since I've bought a new pair of jeans. It was time. And thanks to my mom for the Kohl's gift card! I highly recommend the Lauren Conrad skinnies and the Elle skinnies. Both fit perfectly.

Someone recently found his thumb. Thankfully it only finds it's way into his mouth when he's tired and ready to sleep or when he just wakes up. While it has to be the cutest thing in the world, I'm not very happy thinking about what it's going to be like to try and break that habit down the road.

Untitled We're still house hunting. But honestly, the market here is a bit discouraging. Prices are low, but inventory is even lower. Basically what happens is that the homes we can afford are being bought up very quickly by hedge funds who are willing to pay $10-$15,000 over the value. And that's just crazy to us. And it's not something we're even remotely willing to do. So, if it's the Lord's will for us now, then it will happen. If it's not, then we'll wait. And we are completely okay with waiting.

Did I tell you we got a Nutribullet? We love that thing!! I'm definitely getting way more veggies in my diet during the day because of it. And I know all the infomercials say it, but seriously, you can tell a difference within a week. Get one now.

In March I accepted the position of Director of Nevadans for Life. And yesterday I had a meeting with a couple of ladies here in Vegas that I will have the pleasure of working with in that endeavor. I can't tell you how excited I am to see how the Lord is going to use this organization to change this city. I'm flying out to Dallas at the end of June for the National Right to Life Convention and I know I'll be coming home with a zillion ideas I'll want to get started on immediately. I cannot wait for that. In the mean time, I'm still in need of financial support to get there. If you want to help, the details are here.


So that's life right now. Our days are simple: lots of time outside, attempting to soak up as much sun before it becomes unbearable, playing daily with Isaac's new train set, afternoon dips in the pool and lots of snuggles with my chubby baby.


  1. I need a snuggle or two with that chubby baby and with the toddler who looks like a little boy!

  2. sounds perfect! :) can't get over that smile in the 1st pic! so adorable.