Tuesday, April 23, 2013

crunchy moms should be pro-life

I have a bone to pick with alot of "crunchy" mommas out there. And I'm going to stereotype here for a minute, but I'm fully aware of that. Please don't be mad. But feel free to argue with me in the comments if I'm completely off-target.

From my experience, many so-called crunchy moms are liberal. Am I wrong? There is a kind-of hippie mindset within the crunchy lifestyle. And I'm not knocking that! Alot of what we do in our home, alot about how we live our life would be considered crunchy. We grow our own food, cloth diaper, exclusively breastfeed, make our own baby food, try to stick to real food and avoid medications whenever possible. We prefer natural and organic to synthetic and processed. Heck, we even share one vehicle.

But, and correct me if I'm wrong here, isn't there a strong anti-sleep-training/CIO/parent-led-feeding attitude amongst crunchy moms because many believe its borderline child abuse to let a baby cry-it-out? Or what about formula feeding- that's believed to be extremely detrimental to many of them too. Don't alot of them believe its bad to give a child food that is full of artificial flavoring, preservatives, GMOs and hormones because its unsafe and unhealthy? Aren't they concerned about protecting their children from the dangers of ingredients in vaccines and other medications? And so many of these women are very vocal about their position.

And all for what? The health and safety of their children, right?

And I'm right there with them (with the exception of sleep training). I agree 100% that we should protect our children's bodies, their health, their minds and spirits. Because their life is worth preserving. Their life is worth protecting. Their life is worth doing whatever it takes as a parent to see them thrive and grow and live.

Am I getting an "Amen" from anyone yet?

But what about babies in the womb, babies who haven't yet been born?

"Oh, no, that isn't the same thing. Don't get involved in 'women's reproductive rights.' Don't you dare tell me what I can or can't do with my body. I certainly wouldn't get involved with another woman's right to choose." Aren't alot of these "crunchy" moms pro-choice?

You're regretting now that you agreed with me earlier, aren't you.

I just need to make a point here, and maybe it's an obvious one, but I'm going to make it anyway:

How can they be so passionate about childrens' health and well-being, to the point that they think parent-led feeding schedules are damaging, but not extend that same concern to babies in the womb? After all, isn't murder the ultimate form of child abuse?

Yes. I did just call abortion murder, but hear me out.

It's all so counter-intuitive to me. Many crunchy moms, like myself, are for natural childbirth. And are for being as healthy as possible during pregnancy. And for even being healthy before pregnancy. All for the sake of making certain their baby will be healthy during development and growth in the womb, during birth into this world and during childhood and beyond.

But wait, if eating junk food, being lazy and smoking or drinking during pregnancy are damaging to a developing baby, what is abortion? Doesn't that have a negative, life-ending affect on a baby in the womb?

Of all the women, of all the people, crunchy moms should be the most pro-life. Crunchy moms should be the ultimate advocates for protecting babies in the womb. One cannot care so strongly about the health and well-being of children who are already born and care not for the ones still in the womb. That's called hypocrisy. A child is a child is a child. Their location, their age, their stage of development, or what they look like does not matter. All of them deserve to be protected.

We should be protecting children from the dangerous effects of GMOs, and of chemicals and hormones in food and of chemicals in vaccines, and of child abuse and of abortion.

Let's be honest. Taking the position that, "I would never have an abortion, but I'm not going to tell someone else they can't" is a cop out. If crunchy moms are going to tell other moms who choose to use formula, an epidural, parent-led feeding and cry-it-out methods or vaccinations, that their actions are harmful, then they have to speak out against abortion. It would be absolutely dishonest and insincere not to. If you witnessed a mom physically abusing her child or worse, wouldn't you step in and do something?

The bottom line is: children deserve to be protected. Because, I'll say it again, their lives are worth preserving. Their lives are worth protecting. But, that protection, that preservation has to begin in the womb. Because if it doesn't, in the end, if they're aborted, those children won't be alive to protect. In fact, 1/3 of our own generation is missing because of abortion.

The thing about being crunchy is that it's a lifestyle. It's a mindset. And to sever that way of life at the line of "women's rights" doesn't make any sense. It's absolute madness. Being crunchy should, no, it has to, encompass all areas of life. Crunchy has to begin at conception.