Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a timeline of our 9 years of marriage

Today Ben and I celebrate 9 years of marriage! You might be wondering what that 9 years has entailed. Or maybe you aren't, but I'm going to share anyway! And actually I'm going to begin with our engagement, so that will make this more than 9 years. Lucky you!

August 2003 We get engaged I had just graduated from high school in June that same summer. But hey, when you know, you know, right? Ben was home on leave for the weekend (he was stationed in Virginia and I was in Vegas) and he totally surprised me.

November 2003 Ben deploys to Iraq That was a fun surprise (I hope you sensed the sarcasm there). We had been planning to get married in December but Ben was shipped off to the other side of the world with just a couple weeks notice. So the date had to be pushed back.

March 2004 We are baptized together We decided it would be really awesome to be baptized on the same day, before we got hitched, so we did.

April 24, 2004 We get married I, 18 and he, 20 said our I do's in a Baptist church down the street from my childhood home.

May 2004 Ben deploys to Bahrain Instead of a honeymoon, 2 weeks after our wedding Ben left again for 6 months. We have the best luck don't we?

November 2004 Ben returns to US I moved to Virginia (well, I use the term "moved" loosely since it was only for a month) when Ben came home from the middle east.

January 2005 We move to Camp Pendleton Ben got orders to Southern California, which meant we got to live near the beach. Yay! What girl wouldn't be happy about that?

August 2005 Ben deploys on ship/to Iraq If you're keeping track, this is his 3rd deployment in 2 years. I moved to Sacramento during this one where I lived with a friend and went to school.

February 2006 Ben returns home After 7 months, Ben returned home from his 2nd combat tour in Iraq. I moved back to Oceanside the month prior to get us settled into a new apartment before he got home.

June 2006 Ben's contract with the Marine Corps ends We (don't ask me why) moved back to Vegas for a year. And we hated it. Oh so much. It was more than obvious that God's plan was not for us to be there.

April 2007 Ben re-enlists into the Marines In June we headed back to Camp Pendleton, CA. This time we rented a little apartment just 6 blocks from the beach. We were in love. And lucky for us he didn't receive any other orders for the entire 4 years of his contract! Which meant, we were able to stay in one place for all 4 years.

March 2008 We find out that I'm pregnant We had initially planned to wait 5 years for kids. But we figured it was time to get started. After only a month of trying, the test was positive.

May 2008 Ben deploys again This time around he was sent out on a MEU, which meant he would be on a big boat, floating around the Pacific Ocean for 7 months. There was the potential that they'd go to Iraq, but it was unlikely.

August 2008 We lose the baby I was 25 weeks pregnant with our daughter when her heart stopped beating. Thankfully Ben was able to get home right away to be with me for the delivery.

December 2008 We miscarry

April 2009 We miscarry

February 2010 We miscarry

I know what you're thinking. This is beginning to get really depressing. I know, right? It was a really really rough couple of years. But like I've said a thousand times before, there is one lesson that I know God is always teaching me: patience. Trust in His timing. Because it's good. His timing is good.

May 1, 2010 Ben deploys yet again This time to Afghanistan. Which was something very different from what we were used to. He'd never been to Afghan. And this time he was guaranteed to be in combat. But he didn't leave without us trying to get pregnant because we were still optimistic! (or dumb, that's what you're thinking, right?)

May 14, 2010 Positive pregnancy test Ben's first call from overseas was on a Friday morning. He woke me up, told me to get out of bed and pee on a stick. I hadn't missed my period, yet. And what do you know, with him on the phone, that second pink line showed up. We were pregnant, again! And I was scared.

November 2010 Ben returns home from deployment Oh man, this was the craziest deployment we had been through. Between me being stressed and worried about the pregnancy and everything he experienced while he was over there, it is definitely one for the books.

January 25, 2011 Isaac Thomas is born Our pride and joy. Our first-born son. This kid is the most incredible blessing. "Isaac" meaning "he laughs". And oh can that kid laugh, and smile and make us smile and laugh.

March 2011 Ben gets out of the Marines again This one was unexpected. We knew when he re-enlisted the second time around that it was for good. He would spend the next 20 years in the Corps before retiring. But oh, how God had a different plan.

March 2011 We move to Texas Our most random adventure yet. We packed up everything we owned and moved to Texas, a place neither of us had lived or knew anything about. But that's where work was, so we went.

March 2012 I'm pregnant!

July 2012 We move to Las Vegas You're probably thinking exactly what I was thinking: again? What is the draw to that place. Who knows?! We just keep ending up back here. Okay, the real answer to that question is probably family. But the first 6 months were, well, interesting. Ben, Isaac, myself and my pregnant belly all stayed with my parents and it was tight living.

November 17, 2012 Elijah Patrick is born Our second boy. A stubborn entry. The most beautiful addition to our family. We love that baby boy so much! He is such a blessing and incredibly sweet (and chunky!)

December 2012 Ben gets a new job and we find our own place Job hunting in this town is rough. It is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. He had a job when we moved here but it couldn't support the 4 of us. So he kept looking. And as God always does, He provided. And so just like that, we were back on our feet again!

January 25, 2013 Isaac turns 2 I'll sound like every parent in history: I can't believe how quickly time flies when you have kids! The boy is 2?? Oh man, I'm in for it. This kid is out of control and I love him!

April 24, 2013 9 years later So here I sit, reflecting on our 9 years of marriage and I'm blown away by what the Lord has brought us through. There have been incredible blessings and times of serious heartache and trial. But He's been there. Ben and I have been there for one another.

Faithfulness. I think that's the word I would choose to describe our marriage. God's faithfulness to us and our faithfulness to one another. I wouldn't change anything about it, as crazy as that may seem. Happy Anniversary Ben! This is our story. This is our testimony. Soli Deo Gloria.



  1. You've lived a lot of life in those nine years! You and your husband have grown up together as we have. We celebrate nine years next week though we were slightly older when we married (23, 25). Congrats on your beautiful marriage. I can't wait to see next years timeline. Baby number three??

  2. Love your little fam and God's goodness in your lives! Also, does everyone get married on April 24th? This is the third anniversary post I've read this morning! :)

  3. You guys have sure lived a lot in the last nine years! I look forward to having this much history of my life with my husband! (And my only brother's name is Isaac Thomas--and I picked it out at the age of 3 when my parents couldn't decide on a name. So I like the name you chose!)

  4. Congratulations on 9 yrs!! Even through all those deployments and miscarriages. We will celebrate 9 yrs in May :) I love your timeline idea. I might have to steal that :)

  5. Wow!! What a crazy nine years. Congrats!