Thursday, February 7, 2013

pre-school and a schedule with my toddler

Okay, I say preschool, but it's more like pre-preschool. Isaac just turned 2. We've been on a semi-schedule for several months now. I sat down and wrote out a schedule for us to follow when he was about 18 months. For months he had been showing signs of boredom with his regular daily activities and toys. It was time to start implementing structure in our days so that he could begin really learning. I had wanted to do it months prior but found that his attention span wasn't quite there and most activities were a little too advanced for him. For a couple months we followed the schedule pretty well.

But then I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and was very tired. And then I had a baby. And then I was nursing around the clock and exhausted. Needless to say, we got away from any kind of schedule. Isaac was watching way too much TV. And so, as soon as we moved into our new place at the beginning of the year, I decided to re-implement a schedule.

2013-02-01 16.19.31 [yes, both boys nap from 1-3 (actually Isaac sleeps until 4). I worked very hard to get Eli on that schedule and it has paid off!]

Our mornings consist of breakfast and TV. But it's off by 9. Isaac likes to watch Curious George and The Cat in the Hat. This gives me time with Eli before he naps at 8:30 or 9.

Then it's on to "school". That's a loose term. Sometimes we do an actual lesson: shapes, colors, practice words, couting, etc. Sometimes he just is not interested in sitting still or learning. In that case we usually play with his toys. I try to direct him to play with something educational like stacking cups, lining up or stacking blocks, his tool set or tupperware. Or we read a book together (he loves to read).

After that we do something crafty. The kid loves stickers so alot of the time I help him color and he puts stickers on everything. Or he paints. Or we draw on the chalk board.

2013-02-04 09.55.592013-02-01 10.03.252013-01-31 09.33.162013-02-01 10.40.072013-01-30 08.54.362013-01-22 10.05.322013-01-20 17.26.18
[did I mention music lessons?? just kidding, for now.]

2013-01-15 10.36.382012-11-27 10.53.25TrucksBuilding blocks. And yes, he put his goggles on like that. He wears them all the time.2012-11-10 18.39.01
[and gun safety. Okay, kidding again. Although we'll add that eventually]

I also have Isaac help me around the house doing toddler chores. He helps unload the dishwasher. When I bake, I let him dump things into the bowl and mix it with a wooden spoon. He helps me put clothes in the dryer and pour laundry detergent into the washing machine. I also have him "help" with the baby.

Since the weather has been warmer, we've also been getting outside more. Isaac plays in the front of our townhouse in the grass while Eli and I watch him. Or some days, like today, I load them into the double stroller and we walk to the park.

All in all, I try to keep us on a schedule every day. And keeps things fun and interesting. It doesn't always happen. Some days things go perfect. Some days things are completely crazy and we watch more TV than I want to admit. Some days he is really interested in learning. Some days he just wants to snack and run around like a crazy person. But hey, that's life with a toddler!

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  1. This is great! We are on a loose schedule, but I need to sit down and really block things out so I'm more organized. Although maybe ill wait until after baby boy is here ;)

  2. Issac is at such a fun age to start "school". I think its great that you're starting a routine with both boys now, it will make life easier when real school starts up in a few years. Love seeing all his little activities!
    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  3. Oh, and I'd appreciate any advice on getting my little guy to take an afternoon nap. He wakes up after 45 minutes every time. I've tried everything (even crying which I hate) and nothing seems to work. AHHH...

  4. What a great idea to create a schedule like this!

  5. your boys are so cute!

    I really have to create a schedule like this for Judah. Especially since I am really considering on homeschooling him at least for the first few years.