Friday, February 15, 2013

friday silliness

ABC's of Me. borrowed from michelle

2013-02-13 16.42.40

[A] Age: I just drew a total blank. 27, yeah, 27.

[B] Bed size: Queen. When we first got married we slept on a full for years. Then we decided that was ricidulous and upgraded. I'm ready for a King.

[C] Chore you hate: Floors. Because it requires me to pick up everything else first. And that rarely happens. I just can't clean floors until everything else is clean.

[D] Dogs: Nope. We have decided we are not animal people, period.

[E] Essential start to your day: Baby kisses.

[F] Favorite color: Hmm. I've never really had a preference for any color.

[G] Gold or silver: Usually silver. But I don't hate gold.

[H] Height: 5'7''. The shortest in my family.

[I] Instruments you play: The piano. Well, used to play. I haven't had my piano in 9 years. One day we'll have the money and space to move it into our home. I can't wait for that day. I've been dreaming about it for, well, 9 years.

[J] Job title: Homemaker. Trophy Wife. Mother. Home Manager. take your pick

[K] Kids: 2 very handsome boys. And SO ready for more!

[L] Live: Las Vegas.

[M] Married: Check. 9 years in April.

[N] Nicknames: Jessi. Yeah, that's exciting, huh?

[O] Overnight hospital stays: Hate them. Hate, hate, hate them. Had to stay overnight with both boys. Here's to hoping eventually we'll be able to have a successful homebirth!!

[P] Pet peeve: Slow traffic in the left lane.

[Q] Quote:

"Money never stays with me. It would burn me if it did. I throw it out of my hands as soon as possible, lest it should find its way into my heart." ~John Wesley

"It's a moo point.. like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter... it's moo" ~Joey Tribiani

[R] Righty or Lefty: Right, but I married a lefty.

[S] Siblings: 2 brothers. 1 sister.

[T] Time you wake up: I try for 7. Ugh, that's early. Eli is pretty good at sleeping until 7, altho today he woke up a little early.

[U] University attended: UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). It was really the only option. I got into SDSU and George Washington, which I was dyyyyyying to go to. But I guess my parents couldn't justify $40,000 a year. And I'm thankful for that now!

[V] Vegetables you dislike: Not a huge carrot fan. Celery grosses me out unless it's really really cooked, like in soup. But even then I don't really like eating it.

[W] What makes you run late: 2 children.

[X] X-rays you've had: Teeth. My foot. I think that's it?

[Y] Yummy food: Peanut butter, any kind of fruit, spinach and artichoke pizza from BJ's

[Z] Zoo animal favorite: Penguins


  1. "Trophy wife" - you're hilarious. And I am totally with you on the slow drivers in the left lane! What are they thinking?!...

    I received your comment on my blog about considering Embryo Adoption. I made a comment, but I need to learn how to "reply", because you probably wouldn't know I replied otherwise...

    Feel free to e-mail me I would be happy to answer any questions about "EA" and will be praying for God's will in the journey for your family! :)

  2. Fun and informative Friday post :) I like it!

  3. I hear you on the piano!! I miss mine SO much. I live for the day we have a place big enough for it. I miss sitting down and playing!

    The Joey Tribbiani line is hilarious!

  4. Haha! I laughed when you said your age... because just this morning I was nursing E and was thinking that my birthday is coming up and "CRAP! I don't even know how old I am....!!"
    And King... Cal King! It's where it's at, lady xo