Thursday, January 24, 2013

vlog: coffee date

Linking up with Ashley and Alissa for Girl Behind the Blog. Enjoy!


  1. Jessi- you look so super duper serious in the beginning of this vlog.. I dont know why but it is cracking me up. Its funny but now that you mention it- I actually go to my online friends for prayer first, too. Gosh, I sure like you.

  2. You look lovely, Jessi! Glad the most stressful part of moving is over for you :)

    The prayer support and encouragement from the friends I've made through blogging has been amazing.

    oh and happy birthday Isaac! how special!!

  3. happy birthday, Isaac!

    i agree with you: knowing i have friends whom i've met through blogging, who will pray for me at a moment's notice, is one of the biggest blessings i've received from this blog community. i have seen His heart move so fervently, swiftly, and powerfully through the internet!

  4. Nice meeting you, jessi! Love your little boys' names. They're both on our baby name list for boys in the future. :)

  5. Loved seeing you as always. Glad you're getting settled into your new place. And Happy Birthday Issac!!