Thursday, January 17, 2013

so, about all that kotex


You may have seen this photo recently on my instagram (@jessibridges). I got a lot of "what the heck??" reactions. I know, don't be jealous that I have a lifetime supply of kotex. And heck, with how many kids we hope to have and the fact that I breastfeed for so long, who knows if I'll ever actually use all of it. But that's beside the point. The point is, my lifetime supply of kotex is awesome!

There are 2 things that drive my husband absolutely insane every single time we move: the absurd number of hangers we have (and the fact that there's no good way to store hangers) and the number of boxes of kotex that follow us around.

My mom keeps telling me I need to share. But I don't know. I've only ever given away one box to someone else (you're welcome Ceanna ;) I think I prefer to be selfish in this case.

I guess I should answer the question on all of your minds: "how did you aquire such a stash?"

Some of you know that I've been volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers since I was a teenager. They are my passion. I love women and their unborn babies and I will dedicate my entire life to the fight against abortion and saving our most innocent in the womb. Well, one center where I was volunteering had been given a very generous donation of diapers from Kimberly-Clark after they had just held some kind of conference. But, along with the diapers were also adult diapers (no, I didn't get any of those), tampons, pads and panty liners.

After helping load all of the donations into a truck to take back to the center and deciding that they didn't really have a need for all these kotex, the center was so wonderful and gave them to me. Yes, that's right. Free tampons for life! It's like I won some kind of woman's-only lottery!

Moral of the story: volunteer your time. You just might get something really awesome from it (you know, other than feeling good about helping others and fulfilling God's call on your life. those are good reasons too).


  1. Oh man--that's quite a story, and hey--it certainly would be nice not to have to buy such necessities so often!