Friday, January 11, 2013

Eli: 1 month

Elijah turned one month old on December 17. I realize that was almost a month ago, so I'm almost a month late on this post. But I had to share these photos because I plan to take his picture every month in this chair at his grandparents' house.

Eli is wearing 3 month clothing in these photos. He grows so incredibly fast! At birth, he weighed 8lbs 4oz. At his first well baby check up he had only lost 2 oz! And at his 1 month visit, he was up to 12lbs 4oz (yes, that's 1 pound a week!). He's just like his brother, growing out of clothes at the cyclic rate. It's a good thing he has plenty of hand-me-downs to grow in to!

The quilt on the chair with him is the baby quilt his grandmother (my mom) sewed for him. She makes one for all of her grand babies. Eli's "theme" is robots. I plan to include this quilt in all of his photos.

And can I just say, how hilarious is that last photo with Isaac? He wasn't sure what was going on and he got mad that I wouldn't let him play with the blocks. So that was the look he gave me.



  1. Hi I am following you from the hop and I love how you displayed your son's first month. You have 2 beautiful boys and I am sure they provide loads of smiles.
    I would love for you to follow along.

  2. i love the look on isaac's face. photobomb. :)