Monday, January 28, 2013

big goals for 2013

You can see my 2011 and 2012 goals here.

Goals. goals. goals. We all set them; we all break them. Every year I like to set 4 "big" goals. And surprisingly, I have kept them all for the past 2 years. This year I set 4 more. And some of them are very scary. Like, things I've been dreaming and talking about for years but haven't had the guts to take steps toward achieving them. But 2013 is the year. Here we go...


*get Isaac on a solid pre-school schedule. I started working on this last year when he was about 18 months old. I wrote down a tentative weekly schedule for him that we were pretty good at following. Each day we would work on learning colors, numbers and words. He would have intentional play time, free time, Bible story time, chores and then some sort of special activity each day (like helping me bake/cook something, trip to the park or library or a craft). We got pretty good at it. Until I got really pregnant and didn't have a whole lot of energy. And then the baby was born. And then I wasn't getting much sleep. And then we moved. And then I was still tired from the baby. Blah, blah, blah. Basically, I'm tired of my own excuses. It's time to get back on schedule.

*move to an almost completely vegetarian diet. This goal is two-fold: 1- meat, dairy and eggs are pretty expensive and the prices seem to only be going up. This goal will definitely help us save money on our food budget. 2- it will help us be more intentional with what we eat and how we get our nutrition. Last year we set the goal to start eating better. We took major steps to work toward a "real food" diet. And we did a really good job of it. We started growing our own produce and cutting out lots of meat. But then we moved in with my parents and it was difficult to maintain a special diet for just us. Now that we're on our own again, we'll pick back up where we left off.

*bring in extra money for our family. I've been tossing around ideas for an online store in my head and with my husband for a couple years now. Last year I pin-pointed what kind of store I will open. I had big, lofty dreams of opening it by March, and then April, and then May. But being pregnant, and having zombie-inducing morning sickness during my first trimester (thank you progesterone!) made anything difficult to get going. And I just put it off more and more. But this year, not only do I have no excuses, I'm not going to allow myself to make excuses. It's time.

*pray and act about opening a PRC in Vegas. Wow. This one scares me. In a good way. Ben and I have decided to take 30 days to pray about opening a pregnancy resource center in our home town. I've talked about it before. If you read this blog, you know my heart for the unborn and their mothers. I know without a doubt that the Lord has placed a very specific calling upon my life: to save the unborn, to minister to their mothers and to work toward making abortion unthinkable in this country. Ben and I have talked for years about how we can do that. And PRC keeps coming up. So does birth center and maternity home. Our dream, our goal and our passion is to open a center that includes all of those things. But before we act, we must pray. We cannot work toward something that has not been initiated by the Lord.

Well, there you have it. Monthly I'll be setting smaller goals to work toward the bigger ones. And I really hope that by the end of 2013, I can say that I was able to check off all 4 of these. Now it's time to get working.


  1. Love this post!!!

    First - having a schedule at Issac's age is an amazing thing. You're going to be a great teacher for him. I can't wait to see all the things you do together.

    Second - we're on the path toward a vegan diet too. Not sure if I'll ever give up eggs completely, but we've cut way back on meat. I actually don't even like the taste of ground beef anymore. Are you back to planning meals monthly? I'd love to see your plan/recipe list (I'd love to see it even if you don't plan monthly)

    Third - right there with you. I have an opportunity that I think you may be interested in. Look for an email.

    Fourth - I love your passion for the unborn and their moms. There are big plans in your future and I'm excited to see how they play out. I will be praying for you.

    Fifth - you rock. Just wanted to throw that out there. I love the goals written on a paint chip.

  2. These are awesome!! My husband and I have been eating vegetarian for the past month, and we're loving it. I'm edging toward going vegan, but I don't know if I can do it 100%.

    I'm so excited to see how God will work with you and the PRC. I know it will be awesome!

  3. I work at a pregnancy center in Colorado Springs! I am really excited to hear that you are praying about opening one! I think it is a beautiful ministry and I will be praying with you. If you ever just want to talk things out about all this I would love to chat!
    I am a new follower and i am so very glad that I found your blog! really. so glad. praying with you :)