Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a prayer to the Lord of life on this 40th anniversary of death

As I pulled a spoon out of the drawer this morning for my cereal, I was reminded of all the trivial things we care way too much about in this country, in this generation.

  • will this dishwashing detergent leave spots on my glasses?
  • what color foundation best matches my skin tone?
  • is my favorite NFL team going to make it to the Superbowl?
  • do these shoes match my dress?
  • what does my child need want for his birthday?
  • did Beyonce really lip sync at the inauguration?

We are so enthralled with the trivial and distracted by what is so unimportant that we are blinded to and ignorant of things that have eternal impact and consequences. We sit idly by as our smallest, most innocent, most helpless are slaughtered by the thousands on any given day. Their hearts are beating one moment. They are thriving, developing rapidly and alive. And the next moment, their hearts stop and they cease to live. All at the hands of women and men, in the name of choice, in our own neighborhoods and towns.

Today I'm spending time in prayer. I ask you to join me.

Lord of life:

I come before you today with a heavy heart. I weep for the millions of lives that have been ended by abortion and for the millions of mothers and fathers who live with the anguish, sorrow, regret and scars that comes as a result of their decision to abort their baby, their own flesh and blood. Heal their hearts, bind up their wounds, give them life.

I know you are the Creator of all life. You love, cherish and value life. And yet we destroy it, and in doing so show contempt and irreverence for You. Today, help us to be a people who love life as much as You do. Give us the desire, the passion, the strength to step up and protect life- no matter the cost. Your Son was willing to lay His own life that we may gain it in Your name. Make us like Him.

I pray for the abortionists, for the nurses, for the workers, for the "choice" advocates. Reveal the truth to them. Show them that what they are doing is wrong. Change their course, bring them to repentance and give them a passion and respect for life.

I ask that You would do a mighty work to change our nation's course. Change minds. Soften hearts. Open eyes. Give our leaders boldness and courage that they might speak out and act against this injustice going on every single day. I ask for an end to Roe v Wade; for an end to abortion; that it wouldn't just be made illegal, but that it would also become unthinkable

In Your Son's precious name, Amen.

Today, I challenge you to do something we do everyday: google a location. Search "abortion" and the town in which you live. If there is an abortion clinic near you, please take the time today to drive past it. Be aware that this destruction is taking place where you live. And pray. Pray for its workers. Pray for the women who will visit it today. Pray for their babies. Pray for it to be closed for good. Pray for this carnage to end. And pray that all would come to repentance and turn to the Lord of life.

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  1. What a precious prayer...and indeed, I agree that one day we would, as a nation, consider it unthinkable.