Tuesday, November 6, 2012

pregnancy update: 38 weeks

38 weeks and ready

Here we are, about 2 weeks away! I am so ready at this point. Baby Elijah is sitting so low and it's become pretty uncomfortable. But I'm trying to be as patient as possible.

In the mean time I'm still working on getting my list knocked out. Most of it is done. I spent a couple days washing and folding laundry. We have diapers, lotion, butt paste and baby powder. The bedding in his moses basket is clean and ready. Carseats are installed. It's all really coming together. At this point the only thing that I really have left to do is pack for the big day. I better get on that, huh?

An update:

It's November, so that means the month is here!
In my search for a pediatrician, I think I'm actually going to go with a doctor who I haven't yet met. I spoke to him over the phone about some concers and questions I had and I got a really good impression. We'll visit him after birth and I'll make my final decision.
While I haven't been exercising as much as I should be, we have been hiking quite a bit and it's been a really good work out. I can feel my hips widening and Eli has definitely worked his way down as a result.
The swollen-ness is out of control. I look down and think "those are not my feet!!"
Speaking of feet, I got a pedicure yesterday and it was wonderful.
I found my one shirt that fits while I'm this pregnant!! I thought I had lost it in storage somewhere but last week I opened a box and it just happened to be sitting right there. Yay!
Elijah is still head down but seems to be sunny side up, although he moves around alot. Prayers that he flips over are very appreciated.

Still no sciatic nerve pain. I'm incredibly thankful for that.

I got my post-labor/nursing pajama set in the mail this week (thanks mom) and I love it. It's a 3 piece nursing shirt, pants and robe and it's so soft. I can't wait to wear it.

I painted some cute little onsies this week but I still want to make this.

I'm working on a "labor day" post for the blog. I'll be sharing specific prayer requests and scripture if you want to join in praying while I'm in labor. I'll post it as soon as we know it's time.
I can't wait to meet the little one who will fill this basket #37weeksMy 2 boys. One in and one out.Just because I felt like painting something for baby Eliupload

*all photos from instagram. you can follow me @jessibridges

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  1. Seriously girl you look great! You carry him so well and are still so thin around the bump. Please share your prayer requests, I want to be praying while you are in labor