Monday, October 22, 2012

i don't want to forget

this week you are 21 months old 


I don't want to forget that right now your favorite 'hat' is a lampshade

I don't want to forget the other night when you took a shower with your dad and I could hear you yelling from the bath, just thinking you were having a great time, hollering away. Then I stopped to listen and realized you were yelling "Mama! Mama!" I went into the bathroom and you were standing there, in the tub, glass door slid wide open, naked, soaking wet, yelling "Mama!" Ben had been yelling for me and I didn't hear so apparently you decided to give it a try

I don't want to forget how you stop and dance to any music that comes on.

I don't want to forget how we were browsing the halloween section at Dollar Tree the other day and your dad put on a scary mask and started growling at you over the top of a shelf. You watched him closely. Then he quickly snuck around the corner, jumped at you and growled to scare you. You innocently looked up at him and said, "Hi."

I don't want to forget that night when my heart just melted when I layed you down for bed. You always says "nigh nigh" to everyone when I tell you to, but after I read you your books, sang to you and rocked you, I put you in your crib, rubbed your back for a minute and said, "night night sweetie." As I turned around to leave the room I hear a sweet tiny voice say, "nigh, nigh." All on your own! I think I'll just die when you learn to say "I love you."

I don't want to forget that if there is an animal noise you don't know, you just assume they growl.

I don't want to forget your growl.

I don't want to forget how incredibly proud of you and impressed I am after one week of potty training. Day 1 was rough and I easily grew impatient. But Day 2, it just seemed to click with you. You haven't had a single 'pee-pee' accident since the morning of Day 2 and you've been able to stay dry through the night. You are so smart and catch on so quick. Just wow, kid!

I don't want to forget your new dance moves which include rocking your shoulders back and forth and arms in the air.

I don't want to forget how quickly your vocabulary has expanded in the past month. My favorite of your newest words is "i-pah" (ipod).

I don't want to forget that you actually asked to go to bed, twice this week. And by ask, I mean that you turned on your fan, walked into your room, pointed at your crib and very forcefully said, "nigh, nigh!!"

I don't want to forget your sweet personality, those unsolicited baby hugs and kisses you give and your incredible laugh. All of it makes my heart melt and I can't believe I get to be called your mom.

the idea for this post came from ali edwards, specifically her storyology class, which I absolutely loved.


  1. okay this had me crying! The sweetest little post and I am so happy that you blogged about it so you dont forget <3

  2. this has me with teary eyes! You are such a sweet mommy, jessi!

    This season of life is so precious! We must not forget how wonderful all of these sweet moments truly are!

  3. I don't want to forget how wonderful it is to have you under our roof, not matter how cramped it feels!

  4. This is so precious and I am so glad you took the time to write down these special moments. I am laughing thinking about Isaac NOT being phased by your hubby in a scary mask. And asking to go to sleep...GOLDEN?!

  5. Why do kids assume everything roars? Such a sweet list of memories.

  6. so sweet!!!!!!!! Love that he just said "hi" to a scary face dad :o)

  7. So, so sweet! Oh gosh, so many beautiful things I have to look forward to! And hearing "I love you"....?! Yes. I can only imagine how amazing that will be! xo