Wednesday, October 24, 2012

before baby!: a to-do list

I have approximately 26 days until this baby makes his grand appearance.


And I have a lot to do before that can happen. So I've started making a list and since I haven't shared any goals or to-do lists on the blog in a while, I thought I would go ahead and share this one (I love lists, by the way). Here you have it, the...

The Before Baby!! to-do List:

*potty train Isaac
*continue "cat, cow" poses daily so this kid will flip
*pull necessities our of storage:
clothes (and wash)
blankets (and wash)
breastpump and accessories
moses basket
*purchase birth kit
*pick and purchase a new car seat
*finish writing Elijah's birth plan
*list of last minute questions for my midwives
*pack my labor/birth bag
*finish reading childbirth without fear and one thousand gifts
*record one more day in the life before we become a family of 4
*develop labor playlist on my ipod (which will include lots of The Album Leaf and Iron and Wine)
*charge cameras, video camera, and cell phones
*pick a pediatrician (I've had consultations with 3 and am not entirely sold on any of them, although I'm leaning more toward 1 than the others)
*pick post labor outfit and going home clothes (I know, this one is probably the most important ;)
*develop a Plan A, B, C and D for what to do with Isaac while I'm in labor
*spend time daily with the Lord, preparing my heart and mind for labor

Wow, that's a bit overwhelming, right? Especially considering I'd like to get most of it done by the end of this week. Obviously I have no idea when Eli will actually come, but I want to be ready.

Is there anything I'm missing?? Anything you recommend getting done before baby arrives?


  1. Diapers?? Are yours ready? Mine aren't! I can only find two small covers and no newborn ones. I plan to do some major sewing tomorrow while the boys play with Grandma. That or have a baby :)

    And don't forget to just relax! Can't wait to see your little guy.

  2. Um, that's a pretty heafty to do list. Maybe invite some friends over for a baby prep party! You need support and some extra hands to get all that finished. Happy preparations!