Monday, October 8, 2012

a pregnancy update: 34 weeks


I cannot believe I only have 6-ish weeks left in this pregnancy. In the beginning it dragged on. and on. and on. and on. But now the weeks are flying by. I assume that is because in the beginning I was sick and tired and exhausted; well basically I was a zombie who didn't leave the couch during the day. My wonderful husband cooked all the meals, cared for our toddler and cleaned the house for weeks on end. Until finally, one day, I had energy! The second trimester was wonderful. I felt great, had a ton of energy and that worked out well because we moved during that time period. I had a lot of packing and cleaning to do and I needed that endless energy. Now I'm getting to that lethargic, achy bones, restless nights, giant-belly-in-your-way phase. And I'm ready. I'm ready for it to be over. I'm read for the baby-in-your-arms, no-sleep-at-night, zombie all over again, but no giant belly phase.

I still have a million things to do before this sweet baby boy gets here: I need to meet with pediatricians and then pick one. I need to figure out the car seat situation (because we have a small car in which to fit 2 carseats). I need to pull clothes out of storage and wash them. Then I need to find a place to put them. I would love to potty train Isaac (although that may just be a dream and a hope). I need to prep for labor.

In the mean time, here's a little bit of an update:

You know, this baby hasn't ever had the hiccups at all? I actually just realized that the other day.
We're at the prenatal appointment every 2 weeks phase; which means short and to the point appointments because I now see my midwives so often.
Elijah is head down but sort of sunny side up. He's kinda sideways, which means I can see his elbow and knee jabs all the time. It also means I'm doing a lot of cat cow poses to get him to flip all the way over.
My feet have been swollen for a couple weeks now. I only have 2 pairs of shoes that still fit; both flip flops.
Ben had to paint my toes last week because I can barely even see them anymore, let alone lean over to paint them!
So far I have had very little sciatic nerve pain (compared to my last pregnancy) so I'm hoping it stays that way.
The only shirts long enough to wear right now are my husband's skivvy shirts (from when he was in the Marines). Good thing I look decent in green.
When I ask Isaac, "where's the baby?" he lifts up my shirt and points to my tummy; and then he usually lays his head on my tummy. I know these 2 are already plotting how to terrorize me when Eli gets here.
I'm impatiently waiting for cooler weather because all my summer maternity clothes are now too small. Only my fall/winter things fit, but it has still been in the 90's here. Fall, can you just hurry up already??
I have not documented this pregnancy near as much as I did with Isaac. Mostly because the only time I have is consumed by chasing around Isaac.
I went swimming last week to try something other than walking. I forgot how hard swimming is! But it was nice to be in the water. I have 7 more punches on my punch card and I'm hoping to use them up in the next month. It's definitely good exercise.

Long story short: baby will be here soon, pregnancy flying by, I'm ready to meet this little guy. (I did not mean to make that rhyme)



  1. Looking good!! I'm feeling about the same as you- I'm 33 weeks. We are getting close- can't wait to hold my sweet baby!

  2. You look beautiful mama! You're almost there!

  3. You look amazing!

    Also someone told me that swimming can help flip a baby. I wouldn't know though since Judah was frank breached and I needed an ER c section with him.

    Also I would get so hormonal and cry if my husband didn't stop what he was doing to say "awww" if I said "Judah is hiccuping" silly thing but hey I was pregnant ;-)

    praying for cooler weather and that your baby flips into the perfect position :-)