Wednesday, September 26, 2012

vlog: my desired influence

It's time again for The Girl Behing the Blog link up!
Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Erin to talk about influence.

Here is the prompt (although I just focused on the last one):
*Who or what has influenced the way you think and who you are or changed the way you think/are?
*How do you hope to influence people through your blog?
*Is there another area in your life where you have influence? How do you plan to use your influence in this area?



  1. Well, shucks... I love you too! I love your heart for children and for growing them in the truth of the scripture. I love that you know where your spiritual gifts are and that you are putting them to use. Keep on keepin on girl!

  2. Great to see you again! I think you already are a significant influence for other young women. Your writing is so honest and true to scripture. (and you didn't sound anything like a 3 point baptist sermon!)

  3. Aww I love you too! Your vlogs are always one of my favorites. :) I have learned so much from your blog and think you are an amazing woman of God. Haha you don't sound like a 3 point Baptist sermon, altho I love that - being a PK I am totally the same way!

    Love your perspective on looking back at the end of your life & thinking about ways you had influence.. what a convicting reality and truth. How amazing that you want a big family - I feel the same way, for the future, and admire that passion in your heart.

    Love you!

  4. He cool! Thanks so much for sharing. I am often encouraged by your blog and hope that God continues to guide you in what He is calling you to. =)
    Alesha <3

  5. Jessi you are wise beyond your years :) I love that you are so passionate and educated about your convictions. I have learned a lot from following along with your blog! Excited to watch your family grow!