Friday, August 24, 2012

when your child goes from baby to boy

Isaac turned 18 months a couple weeks ago. That officially makes him a toddler (although he's been "toddling" since he was 10 months old). It's been incredible to watch him go from a baby to a full blown little boy. He walks, runs, jumps, and climbs like a child. And hardly ever acts like a baby anymore. I miss him being small enough to cuddle on my chest and hold in my arms. But I love how cuddly he has become as he's gotten older. And not to mention, how stinkin' cute his personality is!

[waiting for lunch with daddy at Panda Express]

At 18 months, Isaac:

eats with a spoon and fork (very, very well)
is jabbering like crazy, although we can't understand a word
says one word: "no" (seriously people, that's the only word he will say but he knows how to use it and says it clear as day)
follows simple and complex instructions
loves music and stops to dance every time he hears it (no joke. every. single. time.)
blows kisses
shakes your hand
laughs at his own farts and burps (and others)
loves peek-a-boo
tickles others and thinks it's hilarious
climbs on everything
opens doors (like turns the knobs and pushes/pulls the door open)
unzips zippers!!
drinks from a sippy cup
loves guacamole
is super comfortable in the pool
he has all teeth except his 4 2-year-molars
naps from 1-3:30pm
sleeps solid at night from 8pm-8am
loves to read
has the most amazing personality and makes me laugh on a daily basis

[barefeet in the carseat. look at those crossed hands!]

IMG_3696[getting a haircut from daddy]

And can I just say how much I am loving this age?!! While we have our days and butt heads, because Isaac knows exactly what to do to get under my skin, we have so much fun together. Last night we sat on the floor in his bedroom with a big flat box, 4 dice and a wooden spoon and played for 1/2 an hour! We rolled dice like we were playing craps. We counted dice as Isaac placed them on the wooden spoon. We ran the spoon across the box to make a funny noise. It was a blast.

011[my little ninja turtle]

This week we've started some structured educational time. Next week we will officially go onto a daily schedule. I can't wait to see how that works out. Right now it seems like Isaac gets bored easily and I feel bad. I know he need structure. And that's what he'll get! We'll be learning colors, shapes, doing Bible story time paired with coloring, crafts and music. We'll have music and dance time, cooking time, intentional play time and outside time (can't wait for summer to be over).

[sitting on the "big balls" at Target (Wipe Out reference)]

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  1. What an adorable boy you have! And loved the "Wipeout" reference! Love that show (and my hubby secretly wants to be on it)! Just ran across your blog today, and have sure enjoyed my time here. Lovely to "meet" you and your darling family!