Tuesday, August 14, 2012

water baby

We started swim lessons last week. And I must say, Isaac really loves it! He has become so comfortable in the water in just a few days. He even kicked on his own today (my stubborn boy who I know knosw how to kick but refused to do it all last week). He sometimes blows bubbles and loves to splash. My favorite part is when I get in the pool and reach up to get him in and he literally jumps into my arms into the water.

Since he had so much fun during swim lessons, we decided to take him to the activity pool/splash pad on Friday. With daddy around he was so much braver in the water than he is with me! He follows him everywhere and when he fell face first into the water, he didn't freak out or cry. He has definitely become quite a little water baby!


It has been a pretty tame summer in Vegas, although it's still been in the 100s. So just a little bit of time in the pool each day is so refreshing. Even after swim lessons are over this week we'll be taking several more trips to the pool before summer is over; I'm sure of it. And I know Isaac won't object!


  1. he looks like he is having SO MUCH FUN!!!! so cute

  2. What a cutie! My family lives in Vegas and I am in Phoenix so I know how hot it gets! Gotta stay in the pool!