Tuesday, August 7, 2012

thoughts on being pregnant (again)

Pregnancy is an amazing, yet weird time. I mean, you're pregnant for almost a year (and if you count a nursing newborn who is basically attached to you at all times for the first few months, you may as well call it a year!). But it's not just that I am pregnant. I'm carrying a child; an entirely separate life from my own. There is a separate person, with his own heart, blood, brain, eyes, thoughts and dreams, living inside of me! Amazing? Yes. Weird? Yes.

And because of it, I call myself blessed.

2012-07-22_21-17-04_106[23 weeks]

I read somewhere recently that "uterus" is Hebrew for "compassion". Wow. Isn't that so cool? What can be more compassionate than allowing a tiny little person, whom you've never met, to set up camp inside your own body for 9 whole months?

And again I say, I am blessed.

If you're new here, this is my sixth pregnancy (4 of my babies are with the Lord). And yet, every time I am pregnant, I am amazed at what is going on in my womb. I am grateful that the Lord would chose me to care for these precious children. And I can't get over the amazing growth and development that is taking place minute by minute.

So far, this pregnancy has been great. I've also been eating better than I did with Isaac and I'm trying to be much more conscious about how much exercise I'm getting. That has definitely made a difference (not that my pregnancy with Isaac was terrible, but I can tell a difference).

I am currently 25 weeks. Yes, I just had to look that up. Chasing around a toddler while pregnant means I don't get to focus as much on the pregnancy. I haven't been taking weekly photos like I did with Isaac and I obviously haven't been posting weekly either. I have hardly even begun to think about a theme for Elijah's nursery and I've bought only one new item for him (a stinkin' cute swim suit). Thankfully he'll just be able to wear all of Isaac's old clothes!

Not shopping for new clothes = one very happy mommy.

2012-06-26_14-31-26_600[19 week ultrasound]

My next appointment with my midwife is next week. I was a little nervous about finding a new midwife after the move because I loved my midwife in Texas, alot. But I was able to find a great midwife here in Vegas almost immediately! Yay! She is super sweet, seems to be very flexible and she has 5 kids herself.

My second trimester has been wonderful. I can't believe how much energy I've had. Which worked out quite well because our move from Texas to Vegas was last month and I needed all the energy I could get to pack and clean and fly half way across the country with a 17 month old wiggly, squirmy boy.

And I'm thankful for the energy now because my first trimester was horrendous. I was on progesterone because of my previous miscarriages. I was also on progesterone with Isaac, and it was bad, but for whatever reason, this time it was way worse. I was a zombie. There were mutliple weeks, probably 4-5 weeks, that I couldn't get off the couch, at. all. Isaac basically ran around the house on his own or would play on the floor in front of me. My wonderful husband cleaned, cooked dinner and prepared meals for Isaac the entire time.

We took a trip to San Antonio when I was about 7 weeks pregnant and I did not think I was going to make it through the weekend. It was hot, I was sick and tired, but I wanted to go and have a good time. And we did. Even with my very limited appetite.

[currently reading]

As far as preparing for labor goes, I'm really excited about it this time. With Isaac I was nervous, obviously. Now that I've been through it and I know what happens during and have experienced the incredible end result (a new baby!!) I am not nervous or afraid of it at all. In fact, I almost wonder if it will go quicker simply because I will be so ready to hold Elijah. I was, of course, excited to hold Isaac, but I had never had that experience before. I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't really understand how wonderful it would be. This time, I know what I'm looking forward to. I'm hoping that will give me more energy and motivation to get through labor, and pushing.

I have about 15 weeks to go and I couldn't be more excited to have another little one. I especially excited for Isaac to have a little brother. We joke that the 2 of them have already been plotting together about how to spread mayhem once Elijah is born. Isaac has no idea that he is about to get a partner in crime!

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  1. My thoughts on being pregnant again would be a little less cheerful... I really don't like to be pregnant! Despite the discomfort it truly is amazing. I've been planning to write a series for you about my though on preparing for a natural childbirth (again). Eventually I'll get it posted (hopefully before Doodad is born!)