Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isaac goes to college

My husband will be attending UNLV this fall (my alma mater). This past week we took a family trip over to campus so Ben could get some administrative things done.


In the mean time, Isaac and I walked over to the office where my mom works. She gave him his own desk and computer and called him her "new student worker".


I made sure Isaac wore one of his Rebels shirts, so he would fit right in.


We took a stroll over to the student union and had pizza for lunch.


He snacked on popcorn the whole time.

It was good to be back on campus. I graduated 4 years ago. I can't believe that. Most of it is the same; some things are different. We had fun walking around while I gave Ben a tour of the campus. He's a science major, while I was a psych major (liberal arts) so he'll be going to classes on a completely different part of campus than I did. It's the prettier, nicer part of campus if you ask me! It's older and surrounded by big old trees and there is grass too. I'm excited for him to finally be going to a university and I know he's glad to be going to the school in his hometown.

And it will be fun to go to some Rebels basketball games with Isaac!


  1. that 2nd pic of Isaac on the bench...SO CUTE!!!!

  2. Aww how exciting! I know y'all have been waiting for everything to get rolling and now it is!

  3. How fun! :) Your little man is so precious and cute. And that pizza looks amazing!