Monday, July 16, 2012

our life right now in a word: random

A good theme for our life right now: random. Our belongings are in 3 different locations. We are living in a tiny bedroom at my parents' house. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and starting with a new midwife in Vegas. Ben is looking for a new job and will be attending a new school in Fall. Isaac wasn't sure what was going on for a good 2 weeks but seems to be settling in okay now. We have no idea what is going to happen over the course of the next few months, even years.

I thought that in keeping with the theme of our life, I would post some random photos from the past few months. They've been collecting in our phones and our cameras and I just haven't had the time to sit down and post them.

15 and 16 weeks
These were taken the last week of May and the first week of July.

The photo on the left is obviously me at 16 weeks. The photo on the right is taken from the book From Conception to Birth: The Drama of Life's Beginning (amazing book, so informational, written in the 1970's by doctors and details life in the womb from conception to birth like few other books have. Everyone should read it). It is an actual photo of a baby, in the womb, at 16 weeks. Can you believe how developed that baby is!!? Incredible.

isaac at hooters
The last couple of weeks in Texas, we ate out alot. It was just easier then trying to cook with the limited food and cooking supplies left. After one particular long, very hot day of packing, sorting and pricing for our yard sale, we decided to go for a relaxed, early dinner at Hooters. Ben could enjoy a cold beer, we could eat some chicken and relax in the air conditioning. Isaac loves their curly fries and discovered how to dip them in ranch!! He is now an expert dipper (ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, you name it!)

Back in May Isaac was not feeling very well. It was probably only the 2nd or 3rd time he's ever been sick. And other than a fever, he seemed to be okay. He was just feeling achy and having a hard time falling asleep. We are very strict CIO-ers and never let him stay up past his bedtime, rock him to sleep or go in to check on him once he's gone to bed. But this was a special occasion. He'd been asleep only for a couple hours and woke up around 11, crying his eyes out and with a high fever. We stripped him down, gave him some Motrin and let him cuddle with daddy for a while. And while we waited for the Motrin to kick in, we decided to let him hang out with us in the living room, eat popcorn and watch late night tv. He was so cute! And within an hour he was tuckered out and slept the rest of the night.

I came home one day with a Jamba Juice. This little guy wanted a sip, so I was kind enough to share. Next thing I knew, he had stolen the whole thing from me and was running away with it.

One restaurant that we had not tried our entire time in Texas was Pappasitos. I know that's probably blasphemy for Texans, but we just aren't huge fans of Tex-Mex. But, we decided that we needed to at least try it out before we moved. This is what I had for lunch: chicken chimichanga with chicken soup. It was good. It wasn't fabulous. And we decided that we really hadn't been missing out on anything by not eating there (sorry guys!)

We rarely get to see Isaac sleep. We don't have a video monitor. I mean, $100+ for a baby monitor, are you kidding me?!! We all survived just fine and our parents didn't have that technology. (In fact, our baby monitor broke a while back so we haven't used one at all since Isaac was about a year. I honestly don't see the point). Back to what I was saying. This was one of those rare mornings where Ben was able to creep in and snap a photo of him sleeping before he woke up. This kid is the lightest sleeper I've ever met! You put your hand on the doorknob and he usually wakes up! Isn't he just adorable??

Ah yes, the yard sale. The week before we moved we held a 2 day yard sale. And we learned something: Friday is the best day to have a yard sale in Texas. I already knew it was a good day to go out, but I didn't realized how much more traffic you get on Friday than on Saturday. We sold a good chunk of our stuff the first day and slowly got rid of more on Saturday. By midday the second day, it was so hot and humid we were just done. We piled what was left at the edge of the driveway and stuck a huge FREE sign out there. I think everything was gone within 3 hours.

Isaac helped his daddy wash the truck so we could sell it before the move. He loves being outside and he loves water. By the end, he was sopping wet and covered in soap and happy as a clam.

Isaac 7-15-12 001
Isaac's new favorite place to sit and play: inside his Swedish Fish box.

How was that for a photo drop? And actually, these are just all photos from Ben's phone and my mom's camera! I haven't even pulled photos off of my camera recently. Note to self: do that soon. Hope you're all having a great start to the week!


  1. From conception to life is one of my very favorite books ever. My friend Bobbie gave me her original copy before she passed. It is a treasure to me.

    Beautiful photos huh?

    Yay! Your belly is sooooooo sweet.
    we need to get together girl.

  2. Pappasito's. Blech! Should have gone down an exit to Julio's!!!

  3. So sweet - you look beautiful and your Isaac is the cutest. On a sidenote, people don't realize how developed babies are so early - wow! So beautiful to see how God creates life :) Have a blessed weekend, friend!