Thursday, June 14, 2012

since we moved to texas i have...

I borrowed this fabulous idea from Elise Blaha. I adore her blog.


missed San Diego like crazy

learned the ins and outs of motherhood (and yet I'm still learning)

successfully grown squash, okra, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, radishes and green onion

started juicing [homemade pineapple juice is SO much better than store-bought]

read only a handful of books

discovered Blue Bell ice cream

visited a plethora of churches in search for a good home

survived record-breaking Texas summer heat: 71 days of 100 degrees or higher



wondered what is in store for us

learned to make baby food

built fires in our wood-burning fireplace

gotten bit by probably 2384971267 mosquitoes

made new friends and kept in touch with old ones

been to the Forth Worth Zoo twice, and loved it

found an incredible doctor for Isaac that I really don't want to leave

watched my baby grow from 6 weeks to 17 months old!

bought a DSLR

took a trip to the west coast

made 2 sets of curtains

watched Isaac learn to roll over, crawl, sit up, pull up, stand up, walk and talk

started a Project Life album

gotten really good at menu planning

eliminated cable and found rabbit ears in the neighbor's trash so we can get 4 channels

experienced some pretty awesome thunder storms

watched Isaac devour a cupcake on his 1st birthday

done the dishes

cooked dinner

changed a trillion diapers

cancelled netflix because their online selection really leaves something to be desired

finally made a headboard

kept my Nevada drivers license

discovered some amazing thrifting and yard sale-ing in this part of the country

became a Sam's Club member

sewed my first quilt

discovered my favorite show: revenge

purchased my very first washer and dryer!

gone on only a handful of dates

stayed in for dinner and a movie

learned my way around D/FW

got lost in D/FW

aged 454 days

given it all up to the Lord

I read Elise's post a while back and knew it was something I wanted to do eventually. When we made the decision to move away from Texas, I thought it would be fun to sit down and reflect over the year and 2 months we've spent here. I could probably add a thousand more things to this list because life changed so much for us in Texas. And while we weren't so happy to move here, while we aren't at all disappointed to leave, we did spend a good chunk of time in this place and have grown in the midst of it.


  1. Oh I miss blue bell! -Victoria M.

  2. Sounds like a good list to me. Lots of positive changes.

  3. this is such a fun list! i might have to try to do this! except we've living in our house for 3 years... that's a LOT of stuff we've done! :)

  4. Awesome post idea! Soo impressed with your gardening skills!!

  5. Sounds like you've made great use of your time!

    {ps. I love this post idea!}

  6. You've been busy since you've been here! I wish I had the room to grow veggies...and I am NOT looking forward to the heat this summer!