Monday, June 11, 2012

miscellaneous thoughts on a monday: moving

[our tiny little "to move" pile, that keeps growing]

As I posted on twitter and facebook this weekend, it's been finalized: we're moving to Las Vegas at the end of this month.

"But I thought you said your husband just got into TCU??" I know. Long story and I am planning to share it with you in the coming weeks.

But what is most important to know is that our decision to move this month finalizes 15 months of waiting. Waiting to see what exactly we were going to do and where we were going to go when things were so uncertain, for a whole year. So a firm decision in itself is a relief.

And for those of you who don't know our history, Ben and I are both from Las Vegas. We both grew up there as kids and our entire family still lives there. Family was probably the number one reason on our list of "why would we move back to Las Vegas?" Because believe me, if I made a list of "places I don't want to live", Texas would be #1 (sorry Texas gals) and Las Vegas would be #2. But I'm putting that aside, as we are doing what is best for our little family and seeking to follow God's guidance.

So now that you know what's up, I wanted to let you know that I've posted a few things on ebay to sell and will be posting more as the week progresses. We've also listed my husband's truck for sale. It's a 2006 Dodge Dakota 4 door pick up. If you know anyone in the DFW area who might be interested, please let me know. It has to be sold before we move. side note: I can't wait to be a one car family again!

We're having a yard sale in two weeks. I know, what are we thinking? Yard sale in June in Texas? Call me crazy (because I already have). We are planning to sell more than half of our house. I'm ready to just get rid of all of the stuff we've accumulated over the past 8 years. That includes most of our furniture, clothes, books and kitchen stuff. I seriously can't wait. It will be so freeing!

Over the weekend I booked a moving truck, we picked up some boxes, started packing the non-essentials and started organizing into 2 piles: sell and move. I have so many things on my to-do list this week. I kind of don't know where to start! But rest assured, I have my moving checklist, my change of address checklist, my cancel account checklist and a general to-do list. So while it may look like total chaos in this house right now, things are actually pretty organized and so far, going as planned.


  1. You so take after you mamma. All of our moves as you were growing up were organized chaos. I guess you were watching.

  2. Sad we won't get to hang out when I get to Texas but excited for you and what the future holds! Also, a yard sale in TX in June is way better than a yard sale in august when it gets REALLY hot. ;)

  3. wow!! a big move for you guys! It will be nice to be around your faily again, even if it is over 100 degrees outside!!! good luck with the yard sale!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  4. So glad to hear that God has answered your prayers and is moving you! Prayers that the transition is smooth and painless! (especially that yard sale!)

    Texas will miss you :)

  5. Wow, girl! Big things coming for you guys. That's exciting, although hard I'm sure. You are such an amazing wife and momma - I admire how you so willingly follow the Lord wherever He has you to go, even if it's not your ideal. You encourage and bless me! Love you sister and will be praying for you as you pack up! ;)

  6. whew! moving sounds exhausting, i give you so much credit. i have a bunch of friends who live in las vegas and it's great that you will be around family :)

    please stop on by:

  7. Sounds like there's lots of changes going on. GOod luck with the yard sale, and I'll look forward to hearing what brought about the move!

  8. Sad you guys will be moving! Texas is not my #1 place to live either! ;-) This California girl can't stand the heat!