Wednesday, June 27, 2012

girl behind the blog: a little more

Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Nicole for another round of Girl Behind the Blog. I so enjoy making these vlogs, sharing them and getting to see all the other vlogs posted! It's really fun to actually hear and see women who I've only seen in photos and read their words on a computer screen. Can't wait to learn a little more about you all. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!!

ps- I even put lip gloss on for you. That never happens. Don't you feel special?


  1. You have such a dry sense of humor and I love it! I laughed multiple times throughout this video.

    I can't believe you would spend all night changing price tags - that is insane! I have never thought about how those got changed from one day to the next.

    Slow drivers drive me crazy. The pun is intended. Well, actually, now that I made it, it is intended. Anyway, I grew up & learned to drive in metro Detroit so I come by my lack of patience for slow drivers in the fast lane honestly, too.

  2. I really enjoy you... really really really. Also, slow drivers in the fast lane kill me. I feel like it is SO much worse here in Cali (cougheveryoneishighcough)then it was in Florida. LOVE YA!

  3. Heart you!! I'm so happy I got to hear your sweet voice!! You would hate Missouri, especially Kansas- they are the worst drivers I think!! xo

  4. ok. 1. i feel like I havent been around much lately so I just realized how much I miss your blog.
    2. love your vlog. :) and i would be blind without my glasses or contacts too, so I feel ya on that one.
    3. i love that you reminded us to have grace for the price tags that arent right. It doesnt bother me personally, but i have seen people that get really angry about that.
    4. where are you in Texas?? I forget!! sorry girl. im from Dallas, but live in OK now.
    5. i know you love thrifting...SO check out my blog later today to hear about a HUGE Thrifted Gift Exchange I am hosting with some other girls!!!
    6. have a blessed day!!!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed you not having your glasses on- not because Im a harsh, mean person, but because I cannot see either! Literally I am nearly blind and if I am ever without glasses or contacts I am completely incapable of doing anything.

    Thanks for sharing! happy wednesday!

  6. So fun to get to see your vlog! I'm going to stick around and read some more!! :)

  7. so cool learning about your job working price changes...that is crazy and interesting!

  8. your vlog was fun! I loved it :) How sweet that you met the Mr. while baggin it at the grocery store :)

  9. you are so precious and i just love you even more now! (if that's possible :)

    you are so pretty and sweet. wish we lived closer and could hang out :)

    ps - love when the blog gets controversial and i love that we have such a similar heart :)

    hugs friend!

  10. so so great to be able to see you.. hear you.. =)and i totally agree with you on your midnight worker comment about having grace for those people.. there are probably a ton of jobs out there, we need to have grace for, not knowing what exactly ppl have to deal with all the time!!