Wednesday, June 13, 2012

dear anonymous

Lately I've been getting quite a few anonymous comments. And I understand it. I write about some controversial topics; topics that spark debate and sometimes hit nerves. And I understand that there are differences of opinion. I respect that. I actually welcome that. It's healthy to have a respectful disagreement and discussion.

But what I cannot respect is rude or vulgar anonymous comments. I cannot respect someone if they can't help but say what is on their mind but do it while hidden behind the word "anonymous". Again, I understand it. "Anonymous" is safe, right? You can say anything and no one will ever know who said it.

But I believe there needs to be a level of accountability in everything we say and write.

I have strong opinions. And I post them, all the while, you knowing who I am. There's no hiding my identity on this blog. And I stand firm in what I believe.

All I ask, is that you do the same.

If you believe something strongly enough to post it online, to challenge someone else's viewpoint, to take the time to write it down, then please stand by it, openly.

From now on, I will not be accepting anonymous comments. Comment moderation has been turned on (at least for now). Any and all anonymous comments will be deleted, not published.

If you have something to say, and I welcome it all [except the rude, snide comments]; if you have something legitimate to say, a real argument, then please say it. But all I ask is that you use a name.

disclaimer: If you are commenting anonymously because you want to protect your identity and don't want others to know something about you that is personal, that is different. I have no problem those anonymous comments, I encourage them, apppreciate them and will publish them.


  1. Good for you!! Don't let them get you down.. I love your posts!!!


  2. They should change 'annonymous' to 'sissy who won't leave a name'. You should check out Where our favourite hate mail goes to die. It's a great site!

    I enjoy your posts and hope the ney-sayers don't get you down