Tuesday, May 22, 2012

over the weekend: trip to Austin and gardening


On Friday afternoon we loaded up the car and headed down to Austin for the night. We stopped at Denny's along the way to relax and let Isaac stretch his legs. When I pulled him out of this carseat, his shorts were soaked. So he went pant-less. And he certainly enjoyed running around outside in the desert!

We stayed just north of Austin in Round Rock at this cute little hotel. We swam in the pool and took advantage of the cable television (since we don't have it).

Saturday morning we got up, enjoyed their very delicious continental breakfast and headed south into town. Our first stop was the Farmer's Market. I bought some super delicious, juicy peaches.

Then we trapsed over to the Austin Children's Museum. Isaac had a blast. He learned how to milk a cow, fished with magnets, gardened, played with geometric shapes, found a giant magnet wall, chased golf balls all over the place and played with magnetic trains. As soon as we got back to the car and buckled him in, he passed out.

We got home Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the weekend at home. There was lots of gardening. I pulled spinach, cucumbers, and some pretty pathetic carrots. Our okra is getting close! There was delicious pizza, homemade strawberry lemonade and terrible haircuts by dada.

How was your weekend??


  1. fun weekend!!! love your little one, hes precious!


  2. what a fun weekend! :) great pics girlie! found u from Ruthie xox