Tuesday, May 8, 2012

diy: garden signs

I made some signs for our garden last month, just for fun. Now that everything has popped it's pretty easy to tell what is what, but I still think its nice to have the labels. They are super easy to make and it only takes a little bit of time and your best drawing skills.

You'll need:IMG_2730
-paper cutter or scissors
-colored pencils/crayons
-clear packing tape
-wooden skewers
-glue gun

First, cut your paper to size. Mine are about 4x4 (I have smaller ones in my herb garden)
Next, draw pictures on each sign of what is growing. If you don't want to draw because your skills aren't as awesome as mine (haha, my spinach looks like a four leaf clover) you can always cut the picture off of the seed pack and glue it to your sign instead.
Now, tape over the front and back of the sign with clear packing tape. This is an easy way to make it water proof. Of course, if you have a laminator you could use that too!
Trim the excess tape.
Flip your signs over and glue a skewer to the back of each. Make sure there is a good amount of glue to keep the skewer secure.
And then they are all ready to put in your garden!
Stick your signs in the ground and enjoy!
And voila! The final product. This photo was taken about a month ago. Our garden looks completely different now! I'll post updated photos soon.
ps- I cannot believe how big and fast the cucumber vines grow! They are practically taking over our lawn and have started to creep up the fence.


  1. further encouragement for me to start a garden!

  2. That is adorable and so easy! I'm totally going to do this for my little herb box.

  3. i'm dying to start a garden! such a cute, simple idea!