Thursday, May 3, 2012

how to turn found objects into something useful

I don't have a way to store my bracelets. They have been strung out all over the place forever: a few hung with my necklaces, a few in a drawer that I always forget about, a few in a basket somewhere. I've seen a few cute ideas online and decided I needed to create some kind of bracelet holding device.

Several years ago I bought a little eiffel tower Christmas ornament on clearance at Kohl's. Long ago in a faraway land and time, our bedroom was a Paris theme. It was just a knick knack that sat on the dresser for decoration.

I also had a glass plate lying around in our bedroom and I really have no idea why. When I was going through our room and purging a couple months ago, the two ended up together. At that moment I had an idea:

Why not use these two very useless objects to make something very useful!

And so this simple DIY project was born.
You will need:

*a plate (it can be any size, shape, color, design, etc)
*something tall and skinny with a base (I used a Christmas ornament)
*hot glue gun


Here are the steps; they are tricky so get ready!:

1. Glue the ornament (or found object) to the center of your plate.


2. Place your bracelets over the ornament and enjoy!


I was even able to fit a couple rings on top! And the lip on the plate is great so that smaller items can be set on it without the worry of them falling off.

What have you been able to make using found items in your house? I think those are the best projects because they don't cost a penny! And you know me, frugal, frugal.


  1. Genius!! That literally couldn't be easier.. even I may be able to do something like this :)

  2. Yes!! I love it! that is really cute, Jess!
    Missed ya! I'm back! (I think...)

  3. Love that pearl bracelet and that ruby ring!

  4. augh... love love LOVE this idea... i need to go thrifting more amazing...
    and can i say that I LOVE that pic of you and your hubby in your the elevator.. so so cute.

  5. what a good idea! that is very cute!