Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what's inside my picnic basket (craft basket)

I picked up this picnic basket at a thrift store a few years ago while I was looking for something small, but portable to keep my craft supplies in. These are not all of my supplies. I keep all of my sewing things separate and have a ton of other paper crafting and scrapbook supplies in other places.

But these are the basics and are on hand if I need to 'grab and go'. I can take this basket outside, to the park, to another room in the house, on a trip, you name it!
I have a large selection or colored pens and markers. That is a must! Sharpies are my favorite (especially silver). I also keep on hand a couple of pencils and a really good black pen. Don't forget the crayons and colored pencils too. And I always have some paint and a brush (I keep all of my paint supplies separate but like to have some in my basket at all times). And a craft basket is not complete without glitter!
Next up: cutting supplies. Besides a pair of good, sharp scissors, I have to have a paper slicer. There isn't any other way to get perfectly straight lines! This one is the small version. I also have a bigger one that I use for scrapbooking. My corner rounder is my new best friend. Rotary cutters definitely come in handy, but be sure to have a ruler. And last but not least, hole punchers. They are both practical and fun!
And lastly, adhesives and some odds and ends: Glue, duh. I use glue sticks more than any other type of glue (which is why I have so many different kinds). Photo squares are also good to have on hand. And I have to point out, that all adhesives that you use should be acid free, so that they don't deteriorate your paper or photos over time. Stamps! I use letter stamps and my date stamp the most. And of course, a good selection of colored ink. Black is a must. The white labels I use for project life. Probably one of my favorite supplies. Fray check for any fabric projects. Metal rings for mini book construction. And embroidery floss and needles for any random projects. I also sometimes use it to sew on paper as an added embellishment in project life/scrapbooking/mini books.

And that's all! Those are my basic crafting supply must haves.
I use these supplies mostly for:
*art journaling
*mini books
*project life

Anything I'm missing and should definitely add?

*blanket is a family heirloom


  1. what is it about colorful sharpies that make me so happy?! I have a lime green one I LOVE! so much more fun than hunter green!

  2. What a great idea, girl!! Thanks for sharing, it's sometimes hard to know all you need for craft projects :)