Monday, April 9, 2012

what area of your life do you most need to simplify?

A couple of years ago I stumbled across this awesome worksheet. It's a list of 31 questions to answer. The suggestion is that you do it at the beginning of the year (one for each day of January) or at your birthday.

Last year I put all of the questions into a mini-book that I made.

And this year I finally decided to go through it and answer each question, thoughtfully and purposefully.

So in January I answered 31 questions; one each day.

Among the questions is this one (which particularly struck me because of my "mantra" for 2012):

what area of your life do you most need to simplify?

My answer: We need to simplify the amount of 'stuff' we have. It's so easy to keep buying unnecessary things and to hang on to stuff we don't actually need or even use! I want to purge alot this year; get back to the necessities. It might even be easier to keep the house clean!

Right away, I started working on this. Specifically by purging the things we don't need but continue to keep around. Before we moved to Texas last year, we had a yard sale and got rid of quite a bit of junk. But apparently we didn't get rid of enough.


My purge process has worked like this: I work in one room at a time. I dig through everything. I get rid of anything that I do not use. Most of it I continued to keep around, hoping that one day it would have a purpose. But if it hasn't been used recently, I put it in a box.


At the end of the process, I plan to have another yard sale. I also plan to sell some things on ebay and probably take some clothes to sell on consignment.

Here's the deal: Stuff isn't important. But yet we hang on to it for so long! Of course I hold on to things that really matter and things that get used. But I know that my life in total will be less cluttered when my house is as well.

And it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of help...


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  1. look at him with his little tongue sticking out! so precious! I am cleaning my closet to lessen the mess this week! ahh!


  2. Moving has definitely made me aware of how much stuff I've accumulated. Simplicity is so refreshing! And that last picture is so cute!

  3. Oh my I am right on board with you. I started in our bedroom and picking a drawer, cabinet, cupboard at a time and geting rid of stuff.

    Hooray for clearing out the junk!

  4. Oh and you have the cutest little helper!

  5. I just happened onto your blog and I'm so glad I did! It's so cute! I love all your pictures and your son is so adorable!