Tuesday, April 24, 2012

week in the life: tuesday

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good morning!! // drawing on the wall (in pencil) // funny photos with the web cam // 7 day forecast // tickle, tickle, tickle! // toddler lunch: toasted english muffin with peanut butter, dried strawberries, grapes // the most unflattering photo of what I wore (jeans: gap. tshirt: Target) // watering the lawn // reading and journaling outside // afternoon snack // impromptu pool time // celebrating 8 years of marriage with our favorite: a pizookie

see monday here.


  1. Super photos! Your baby has the sweetest smile! :)

  2. okay...pizookie is my fave! so delish. Happy 8 years:)

  3. I know this may be weird that I'm commenting on a post from last week, but I had to say I LOVE PIZOOKIES!!! My husband and I are obsessed with them. Oreo is my favorite! You and your family are adorable!