Thursday, April 19, 2012

san antonio and austin, our trip down south: part 2

On our way down to San Antonio, we passed through Austin. We decided then that we would stop on Sunday on our way back through. I wanted Ben to see the capital building. It's pretty awesome. I saw it a couple years ago while visiting a good friend.


Ben and his hero, Davey Crockett:

It was such a gorgeous day outside!!
This is the view of the capital building from inside the visitor's center, which had some pretty cool exhibits, including this:
Me, as the statue on top of the capital building. I think I capture the enthusiasm of Texas pretty well, don't you?? Haha.

Heading back, we made an impromtu stop at Ikea. I mean, how can you not stop at Ikea when you see one? We picked up a fun toy for Isaac since we hadn't gotten him anything on our trip.
And so ended our weekend away, alone. We had a really good time!! I'm so thankful for my mother who spent 2 days with the most energetic tornado I know! Seriously, he is a crazy ball of energy. Now I can't wait for the next getaway ;)


  1. I have lived in Austin for 17 years and have only been to the capitol ONCE! And that was for a school field trip years ago. Must go soon!