Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 booklist update

Here's my booklist for 2012.

book sale loot

Whoa I'm behind! I'll admit, I didn't arrange what to read when very well. I needed to start off the year with some motivating and exciting reads, but that didn't happen.

So here's the deal:

I'm going to switch it up a bit. I totally blew off my January books. I will definitely read The New Dare to Discipline, but it will have to wait a couple months. And my February books have been swapped with a couple others: Blue Like Jazz and Five. Both of which I am really enjoying!

Blue Like Jazz is really good. It's a super easy read (which is why I'm a little embarassed to admit that I haven't finished it yet) and the guy writes in a way that I just get it. The subtitle is "nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality." And that's exactly what it is! Basically he tells the story of how he grew up, came to know Christ and his experiences in college, with other Christians, with political movements, with the churches he attended and a few other things.

Blue Like Jazz

So far I've ear marked about 15 different pages. I have already used a quote in a blog post and I plan to write a couple of posts just on topics he addresses in the book. It's good. I highly recommend it (and I'm not even finished with it yet!)

Five is really good. It's not really a book that you read, but it's a book that you interact with. It has good quotes and stories and then there are journal-like prompts. There is space to write down your dreams and goals. It challenges you to consider goals in very specific areas and then has you write down steps to get there.

My favorite part of the book so far has been where it tells you to write down your mission statement. First you are to consider your values and what is important to you. Then you use those to write your mission. It was really good for me to sit and think those things through. I really enjoyed writing out what I feel like God created me to do. I have a clearer picture of which direction to go in.

What are you reading right now??

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  1. Loved Blue Like Jazz.

    I'm reading The Devil in White City. It's an older true crime book - which I don't usually read - set in Chicago during the World's Fair.
    And I'm reading Seven Pleasures: essays on Ordinary Happiness.